Friday, October 31, 2008

Never Say Never!

Remember when I saw this gem, but decided against it?

Too Faced - Quickie Chronicles/The Hopeless Romantic
$12.97 @ Nordstrom Rack vs. $29.50 Retail

And remember when I was spazzing out and depressed about the state of this palette?

$4.99 @ TJ Maxx vs. $14.00 Sale @ Sephora vs. $28.00 Retail

Well I changed my mind [once again] on item number one.  Since I was picking up a palette for my cousin, I decided. Eh, why not? Let's give the Too Faced palettes one more try. While there I saw that in addition to the Skin Fusion products I reported about recently, they have now added the Translucent and Radiance Mineral shades to the stock.

Then, I ran into item number two at the TJ Maxx near South Coast Plaza on Sunflower and was sooo excited! All of them were in good condition too! Actually I think because this TJ Maxx is new, it's merchandise is still handled with care (for now). I have already played with it and I am in LOVE! The consistency is so silky and the hues are perfect for Fall. There is some shimmer but not too much. Oh, and they have run out of the Too Faced - Fantastic Plastic sets at Nordy's but I did spy them at this TJ Maxx being stocked fresh out of the boxes and still on the stocking cart! I believe they are going for $16.99 here. So if ya missed them at Nordy's here is another chance to snap up a set! They also had an abundance of Lancome products from $5.99-$9.99 and some Borghese Mascaras for $5.99. There was also a brand I have not heard of yet, I was curious but decided to do some research before hand. The London based brand is called Molton Brown. Their official website has about three make up products, but I saw their Gentle Lash Mascara for $9.99 vs. $20.00 Retail and SheerPlay lip gloss set $24.99 vs. $55.00 Retail. Anyone ever heard of or tried this brand?? Is it worth it or should I skip it?

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