Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maxx'd Out!

Ahhhh. What better way to spend a summer like day than at the beach with your family then ending it by shopping your heart out! I had time to myself today and of course, I spent it doing some retail therapy and subsequent minor wallet damage. I did find some great deals though! The first thing I found was this cute little beauty bible....

$2.99 vs. $9.99 Retail

I know, I know. I could have found this on Amazon or Ebay for pennies but a. I am too impatient to wait for shipping and b. I could find better things to spend my money on than S/H! Hence, the self induced incessant need to help my fellow beauty fiends find the most Free S/H offers! So it was there, right as I was waiting in line to make my purchases. I thumbed through a few pages and right away found some really good tips and tricks. Then it walked itself unto the counter and scanned itself. Fancy that! Anywho, here's what else I picked up...

$3.99 vs. $12.50 Sale vs. $25.00 Retail

$3.99 vs. $12.50 Sale vs. $25.00 Retail

These two mini palettes were the stars of night. At $3.99 each, they were just irresistible! The cases are tin, beautifully decorated with flowers and a stenciled butterfly. The closure detailing is a zipper which runs the perimeter of the palette. Inside is a coordinated quad of shadows, one corresponding lip gloss, and an tinsy applicator as well as a mirror which is the size of the lid. Love big mirrors! Kimono is a neutral shimmering palette with a pearl, rose, mauve, and warm brown color and a peach gloss. Ginger is the smokey shimmering palette with a lavender, silver, slate, and rose color and a pink gloss. These two palettes are perfect for my on the go days. I have not had a chance to try out Sugar Cosmetics yet so what better way to than finding all in one products at great discounts!

$4.99 vs. $14.00 Sale vs.$28.00 Retail

$4.99 vs. $14.00 Sale vs. $28.00 Retail

I don't know if you noticed but I just got 24 lip colors about for $10.00! Talk about having a variety! That's about 1 color a day for almost a month! The colors range from clear to deep vampy wine as well as a gang of finishes from pearly iridescent to super sparkley. I can't wait to tear through these sets as well. 

$5.99 vs. $21.00 Sale vs. $42.00 Retail

This face palette is just PERFECT for Fall! It includes:
  • Rise and Shine - all over concealer
  • Morning Glory - multi use brightener for eyes, lips, and cheeks
  • Afternoon Eye Revival - daytime eye color, which is a lavender color
  • Happy Hour - smoky night shadow and liner, which is a deep brown with high shimmer
  • Even Glow - all over face & body bronzer
  • Finishing Touch - sheer berry lip gloss
Not bad for about $35 buckaroos, huh? I have a lot cut out for me but I am up for the challenge in playing with these new finds. When I referenced the sale prices, it's due Sephora's recent 50% price slash of all Sugar Cosmetics. Check it out! Oh and there were also four of these palettes...

$4.99 vs. $14.00 Sale vs. $28.00 Retail

But, a BIG but, as to why I DIDN'T get them. Why you ask? WHY?!?! EVERY SINGLE one of these palettes have been reduced to loose powder form. Hey, how do you get a palette like that with only one pan? BECAUSE people abuse them! THAT'S WHY!!!!! UGH, I was sooo effin annoyed when I saw them. Those hues are just gorgeous too! I kept digging in disbelief hoping I'd find at least one, ONE that was still intact but not a one could be found. It was a sad sad moment when I left the beauty section. Please, let's have a moment of silence for these fallen soldiers. Alas, I made it home, exhausted but drunk with giddiness at my scores. I suggest you visit your local TJ Maxx stat! It would be a crime to let these deals pass you by!

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