Friday, March 23, 2012

the boot collector

Still finding amazing deals on clearanced seasonal items!

$20.00 @ TJMaxx vs. $129.90 @ Nordstrom vs. $190.00 Retail

These boots are sooooo comfy and keeps my feets toe-sty. get it? toe-sty = toasty. forgive me.

For about the same price as a generic rubber rain boot, I found a quality made waterproof boot that is constructed with the best materials known to man and by the highest industry standards in a country that knows a thing or two about frost bitten toesies.

From their website:
"High fashion design coupled with state of the art technology and superior workmanship have resulted in the Pajar brand becoming known as the 'ROLLS ROYCE' of Canadian winter boots."

Prior to finding this pair, I found a decently priced ($30) pair of lace up shearling lined Sporto rain boots, which I prefer over the regular slip on variation, so when I spotted this deal, I could not resist! $20 is definitely a steal. Especially when I wander into a Goodwill and see that this price beats out there's by a long shot. I am satiated.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I love this time of year...any time seasons change is the perfect opportunity (or excuse) to save tons of cash and to stock up for next year.

Right now, Marshall's is having their final clearance event. What's the difference? The difference is instead of 50% off already reduced prices, the percentage off can be upwards of 75-95%! You can spot these items better with the yellow tags as opposed to the normal red clearance tags. And, if you dig and have patience, you can score some awesome finds!

Usually, it is more advisable to stock up on items that are not trendy and that are considered to be staples, basics, or classics or have the potential to last a couple years before becoming outdated and placed on the dreaded "not" list.

For example, when I spotted these sleek leather booties at Marshall's. I knew that they hit all three criteria spot on.

Steve Madden Bexli Bootie in Black
$39.00 at Marshall's vs. $59.99 online sale vs. $149.95 Retail

Given the height, I was afraid they'd be brutal on my piggies but surprisingly they are super comfy and easy to walk in. I have treacherous stairs and decrepit black top at work and I have walked through these threats unharmed. I want to say they are much taller than my two L.A.M.B booties but hurt so much less. So not only did I score a heck of a deal, but these lovelies are also comfy and classic. points for me!

I think I've mentioned before how much I adore free people, but aren't too fond of their retail prices. I am always thrilled to find drastically reduced free people garments, here is my latest...

The Cord Skinny Military Pant in Army Green - Pants by Free People

free people The Cord Skinny Military Pant in Army Green
$7.00 at Marshall's vs. $98.00 Retail

Among these two items, I also found a 100% silk sheer blouse by Nine West for $5.00 and two huge, bulky sweaters (mac&jac for $10.00 and a no name one for $7.00) for the remaining cold days and to save for next year.

I had tons others piled on my arms; Cynthia Rowley Sweater Dresses for $5.00, Premise Sweater dresses for $5.00. I was contemplating buying everything, but couldn't justify the need for 8 sweater dresses, despite the deeply discounted price! All in all, it was a successful shopping trip! Go get your deals!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

raving lunatic

after several weeks of frustration with my "winter skin", you know the type; dry, flaky, just plain ugggggh! I was on a mission to find an hg coverup product. my skin is oily t-zone and sahara status everywhere else and as an added bonus, I am allergic to many ingredients! yay me. so my usual seasonal skin coverup routine is: Bare Minerals in the summer to soak up the greezy and tinted moisturizer in the winter for extra hydration. however, due to *cough, aging, cough* not only do i have lines around my eyes, but the dryness has gotten crazier yet the oilyness remains a constant. no fair!

after a sickening amount of youtube beauty guru consumption, i struck skin care gold! now, i know that i am late on this craze since my new product purchasing hiatus, but BB CREAMS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! oh, yeah, in Korea.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE bb cream. it is a year round product and i can't believe that is even possible for someone like me with such picky skin. after sifting through tons of companies and products, i settled on trying the following :

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions
Retail $28.00 | 40g

now, while researching there were tons of warnings of rampant fake products being manufactured in China and sold on eretail sites, but because i wasn't sure how my skin was going to react i decided to chance it and purchase on after researching sellers, of course, and watching this video on how to spot a fake. yay! i got a real one!

Put simply: I LOVE this product. i use it on the weekends or whenever i want to simplify my makeup routine on lazy work days. i was amply prewarned about the greyish tone and oxidation process, so i waited patiently and when the magical colormatch moment came i was super impressed with the technology!

Retail $29.99 | 50 ml
(*online bogo special for new customers)

I would say that Missha is different in that it offers more coverage, pore reduction and oil control. I would use this product for heavier coverage days or as a concealer after using Skin79.

These two are definitely in my permanent collection. i loved them so much that i mass texted every girl i knew! LOL. seriously, i can't see myself living without this product. Not only am i in love with this magical hidden gem enigmatically called bb cream, but now i am super curious as to what other amazing korean products i am not in the know of. being that i half asian, you would think that it only makes sense that i buy products made specifically for my asian skin but alas, i spent much time and money searching the american product market for something, anything, that i could call my HG. what's worse? my whole life i lived within 5 miles of orange county's korean district in garden grove. le sigh. i guess now is the perfect time for me and korean products to cross paths as the change in my skin care needs now definitely call for it. keep a look out for more korean products in this blog, because i am going on a rampage!