Sunday, January 22, 2012

raving lunatic

after several weeks of frustration with my "winter skin", you know the type; dry, flaky, just plain ugggggh! I was on a mission to find an hg coverup product. my skin is oily t-zone and sahara status everywhere else and as an added bonus, I am allergic to many ingredients! yay me. so my usual seasonal skin coverup routine is: Bare Minerals in the summer to soak up the greezy and tinted moisturizer in the winter for extra hydration. however, due to *cough, aging, cough* not only do i have lines around my eyes, but the dryness has gotten crazier yet the oilyness remains a constant. no fair!

after a sickening amount of youtube beauty guru consumption, i struck skin care gold! now, i know that i am late on this craze since my new product purchasing hiatus, but BB CREAMS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! oh, yeah, in Korea.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE bb cream. it is a year round product and i can't believe that is even possible for someone like me with such picky skin. after sifting through tons of companies and products, i settled on trying the following :

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions
Retail $28.00 | 40g

now, while researching there were tons of warnings of rampant fake products being manufactured in China and sold on eretail sites, but because i wasn't sure how my skin was going to react i decided to chance it and purchase on after researching sellers, of course, and watching this video on how to spot a fake. yay! i got a real one!

Put simply: I LOVE this product. i use it on the weekends or whenever i want to simplify my makeup routine on lazy work days. i was amply prewarned about the greyish tone and oxidation process, so i waited patiently and when the magical colormatch moment came i was super impressed with the technology!

Retail $29.99 | 50 ml
(*online bogo special for new customers)

I would say that Missha is different in that it offers more coverage, pore reduction and oil control. I would use this product for heavier coverage days or as a concealer after using Skin79.

These two are definitely in my permanent collection. i loved them so much that i mass texted every girl i knew! LOL. seriously, i can't see myself living without this product. Not only am i in love with this magical hidden gem enigmatically called bb cream, but now i am super curious as to what other amazing korean products i am not in the know of. being that i half asian, you would think that it only makes sense that i buy products made specifically for my asian skin but alas, i spent much time and money searching the american product market for something, anything, that i could call my HG. what's worse? my whole life i lived within 5 miles of orange county's korean district in garden grove. le sigh. i guess now is the perfect time for me and korean products to cross paths as the change in my skin care needs now definitely call for it. keep a look out for more korean products in this blog, because i am going on a rampage!

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