Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Impressions - Too Faced!

I know I have been lagging on reviewing a few things, trust me, I know. I have tried everything that I have hauled in the past few months though and I think I only gifted two things away. One was the Lancome Brush Set and second was the Too Faced - New Romantic Makeup Collection - Unicorn. Everything else is [being horded and] sitting tight, waiting for their moment to shine on my blog! Until then, I realized I should give tidbits of my first impressions until I can give a proper review of the products. 

I will start with the most recent Too Faced haul. Today, I busted out all my newly acquired Too Faced products and decided to do my entire make up routine using just those items. 

First I started with the sample of Magic Wand in Hollywood Medium. The formula is a bit darker than my natural skin tone and for a split second I thought about lightening it with my PerriconeMD moisturizer but decided against it in order to keep the look completely comprised of Too Faced. The first thing out of my mouth upon application was "Whoa." Like Joey Lawrence's patented "Whoa.". The coverage I would say, in my opinion, is heavy duty. Something I am not used to. It made me feel like a mannequin. Don't get me wrong, flawless is a quality I strive for but this was a bit extreme for me. Made me kinda wish I'd gone with my gut instinct and thinned it out. The best thing about this formula though was that it dried to a cashmere soft finish as it promises. It wasn't sticky or too matte nor was there any tightness. The formula lasted all day, not smearing or caking once, and it was a hot day too. For those beauties who prefer this type of coverage, I do recommend this product. Would I buy it again? Probably not. As for me, I prefer a more natural coverage with Tinted Moisturizers or minerals.

Next, I applied the Wrinkle Injection. Once I realized this product is a wrinkle filler slash lid primer and NOT a wrinkle preventing cream, I let out a quick "Doh!" and took it out of the back of my skin care drawer. Applying this product was pretty cool, a little goes a long way. It's one of those, "you can feel the difference instantly" products. My skin took on a different texture right away. It was smooth as satin. The cream itself is a super light flesh tone, very similar to Shadow Insurance or UDPP. Would I buy it again? It's a possibility.

After this product, I applied the First Base. When I first read the box contents and saw that it included an eye base, I was excited. When I opened the compact and saw the finish, I was like, "Huh?". I can't decide if I like this product or not. It is one of the most shimmering glittering products I've ever used as a base. It just didn't make sense to me. One swipe can cover both eyes and I realized this afterward! I wouldn't recommend this as a base for a toned down look or with mattes. Would I buy it again? Not so sure.

Update 11.02.08: I take it back, you CAN use this base for toned down and matte looks! You just have to work at blending out the shimmer and glitter but it is possible.  The more I have been using this base, the more it's growing on me. I am moving it to the "It's a possibility." Buy it again section.

This haul kind of made me look a fool because as you may remember,  I got a eyeshadow duo called Lovey Dovey. I was kinda eh about this duo because a. I was disappointed with the Unicorn palette and b. I thought I had enough dirty plumy hues already. I was about to put it in my "gift" pile until I read that the darker shade was actually a "Sable Brown". That was a total shocker. Second to my obsession with Taupes is my burning desire (I exaggerate) to find the perfect cool brown. After tilting the compact under the light for a good minute and scratching my head a bit I moved this duo back to the "Let's give it a shot" pile. Second reason this recent haul made me look a fool? This shadow duo is super pigmented! I was bracing for a battle of packing and packing but one swipe and the rest of the time was spent toning down, blending, and softening the color. Then again, maybe it was the combination of the Wrinkle Injection and magical First Base? I could always try again without the two priming products but I will never truly know, as the Unicorn has been adopted by my sister and it was a closed adoption. ;p Would I buy it again? Definitely.

Next, I applied the After Glow Pressed Powder in Lust. This could be why the Magic Wand didn't budge. It does it's job nicely as a translucent setting powder and I think I would love the light shimmering effect more if it were still Summer. However, being that Winter is knocking on the door, it felt a bit strange dusting myself with sparkles. Luckily, it was a faux Summer day with the scorching heat! Would I buy it again? It's a possibility.

Lastly, with much trepidation, I tried the Lip Injection in Techno Glow. Can I be frank here? I was scared $hitless to try this stuff! As I mentioned earlier, my lips are very sensitive and I was anxious of the outcome. Last I checked, Too Faced doesn't make an antidote for this product. The one thing that made me want to try it is my own whining complaints that my top lip tends to be on the thin side. So with my breath held, I took a teeny bit on my fingertip and swiped it across my puckers then waited. And waited. I watched my lips in the mirror. At first I felt a tickle and saw my natural pigmentation change before my eyes. It changed from a pale pink to a reddish hue as if I had just bitten my lips. Then *pow* the tingling and swelling kicked it. Actually, it wasn't too bad, it just looked like I put too much Sriacha in my Pho (feel free to ask).  I felt a bit silly, sitting there and puckering at myself, so I started giggling like a dork. The outcome was nice, my lips were a bit fuller and I am glad I only applied a little bit because that was all it took to give me fuller lips. My only suggestion is to apply the product with precision. I went over my lip line with my clumsy shaking fingers and it plumped out my Cupid's Bow as well. Would I buy it again? I could live without it.

Well, that's all of the Too Faced products that I've tried and my first impressions of them. I know, I forgot about the Lash Injection mascara though! Sorry! I will definitely do another complete look soon and do a more thorough review with Mugshots. The whole enchilada. So stay tuned and free free to ask Qs in the meantime. Tomorrow, I shall play with the Sugar items I got today! Yippy!

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