Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lancome - Product Review & Mugshot!

When I first noticed the Diamond Studs palette. I thought, "Wow, Lancome for only $14.99? Probably all jacked up inside." but when I opened the package and saw the beautiful neutral shades still unscathed and perfectly pressed within the pans I said, "Come to mama!" and grabbed up all three palettes!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Off the Rack, The New Blue, Backstage Pass, Rendezvous, Wear It Well & Socialite. Here's something I rarely do...swatches! These are in the same order. I also put the finish I felt it mostly resembled. However, after I finished Photoshopping and now that I play with it more, I think the ones I originally thought were Satin are more of a Veluxe Pearl. Buttery soft texture with high shimmer. The New Blue is the long lost cousin of Mythology but because of the Lustre texture it was so hard to get the color to show up. I was too lazy to apply a base. :p Application to the eye was easy peasy. The colors blend smoothly with no hassles using MAC brushes. You'll see why I used MAC brushes in a minute. With concealer as a base, the colors were just eh but with MAC Shadesticks in Taupographic and Beige-ing, the colors popped more. The formula is also very long wearing. It lasted pretty much all day and even endured a 2 hour nap. Le bebe needed one, therefore, so did !! ;P

The extra touch, Lancome tagging on the mirror, so cute! Love the font!

Le Petite Brosse - awe, ain't she precious!

I don't think I have ever had the luxury of using a Lancome brush. In fact, all the brushes I own are from MAC and the newest edition to my brush collection are the MB York Weapons of Mass Seduction brush set. So I thought I scored when I found this deal!

This tri-fold sleek black case, is a shiney soft material, kind of looks like patent leather with the flash, but its not. It's similar to a professional roll-up brush holder/belt. It has a magnetic closure, with one zipper compartment, and enough sleeves for all the brushes with a plastic protection sheet.

Included in this set is a Highlighting Brush #3 which looks like the MAC 187 but does it hold up to the reputation? NO. The white bristles are longer than the MAC 187 so the application was a bit wonky. Kind of like writing while holding your pencil near the eraser. It didn't feel like it was doing the job of seamless blending properly but the end result of my blusher didn't look too bad. Large Shadow Brush #11 similar to MAC 213. This brush was very stiff and the bristles were slick due to being synthetic. The eyeshadow didn't seem to grab onto the brush as well and I received full impact on my lids. A tad messy, but it wasn't too shabby in the clean up process. Blending Tip Brush #16 dupe to MAC 219. Um. I did not like this brush AT ALL! It isn't as tapered as the MAC 219, so the application and smudging was sketchy and hiccuped a lot. Blending Shadow Brush #17 wannabe MAC 224. This brush looked promising because it was so similar, but again, the synthetic bristles just ruined it. I didn't change the method of applying my shadow, so I was a bit taken aback when I started getting pricked by the hairs. It was annoying and blending wasn't as easy as with the MAC 224. Liner Brush #18 mini me to MAC 263. In one word, this brush was WEIRD. It was hollow? That's the best I could describe it. The bristles were not dense throughout and seemed to be hollow near the center. Not at all good for a liner brush where precision is key. I had to make shorter strokes to ensure a smooth line with this brush. That just takes too much time! All brushes were finished with metallic silver handles and Lancome inscription in black cursive font. Lancome's brushes are made of all cruelty free synthetic fibers so the result is tons different from natural bristles and not in a good way. I was disappointed. I figured since Lancome is pricier than MAC it would do better, but I think Sonia Kasuk brushes may be even better than these. Or maybe MAC just spoiled me rotten because they totally had me yearning for them!

Lancome Color Fever Glosses in Heatstroke, Precious Light, and Up in Smoke. I was immediately drawn to Heatstroke. It is a warm, deep coral color with high shimmer, perfect to go with neutral eyes. Precious Light is a barely there whisper pink. Very subtle. Up in Smoke is mostly void of color but is infused with a dash silver sparkles. The application tip kind of caught me off guard. In my MAC bubble, I haven't been exposed much to other brands' quirks. I've seen the normal calf's foot, paint brush tips, and sponge tips but Lancome's gloss applicator is like a mutated calf foot. Same fuzzy softness, but a whole other shape. Took some getting used to as it was bigger and I felt clumsy using it for the first time. There is a light floral fragrance and the formula is a bit thicker than most glosses but not sticky icky.

If you would like a more detailed description or photos of any of the above, please feel free to comment me or send me a request via email. I would be happy to share! Here are a couple of photos using all shadow colors except the first two, Off the Rack and The New Blue.

Product Placement:

MAC Shadestick Taupographic on lid
MAC Shadestick Beige-ing on brow bone
Lancome E/S Wear it Well on lid
Lancome E/S Socialite on inner 1/3 and tear duct
Lancome E/S Backstage Pass on crease, outer v, and lower lash line
Lancome E/S Rendevous on brow bone

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