Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marshall's Finds!

I went on an impromptu stake out last night and its sad to admit, but seeing make up at huge discounts makes me so giddy! On my way to pick up my angel, I decided to swing by a local Marshall's to see what was going down in the beauty section. Much like it's frenemy, TJ Maxx, Marshall's has historically carried fragrances, skin/hair care products, and spa quality bath products. I haven't seen much cosmetics or maybe hadn't noticed any, until today that is! When I walked up to the racks, a display of brazen red boxes met my gaze. When I realized it was Lola Cosmetics, I literally brightened up and did a hop and skip as I rushed on over to meet the lovelies waiting for me. Among the items, there were:
Update 09.24.08: I stopped by Marshall's again tonight because my sister needed to get a gift, and she twisted my arm to tag along. ;p Once there, I expected to see an empty shelf where Lola Cosmetics once grazed, but lo and behold did they restock or what!? There was double the amount but this time items include tools, brushes, gel eyeshadows, more lip gloss bottles, and sample sized liquid foundations. The liquid foundations were going for $1.99! What a fantasmic way to try this brand out for a low price before committing to retail. I have yet to put on my Lola face, so watch out for that review slash mugshot! Maybe I can convince you more to get going to Marshall's. This just might end up being a Deals and Steals Hall of Famer!

LuminEyes Eye Colour Collection for $7.99 vs. $44.00 ($32.50 on

There were also various items from Lancome's 2007 Holiday Limited Edition items...

Lancome Deluxe Brush Set and Fashion Case - Glamorous Eyes
$14.99 vs. $0.00 retail
Shimmering Lips Color Fever Glosses for $14.99 vs. $42.50 retail

Of course, everyone has their preferences on whether to get the latest and greatest in beauty products, but for me? A deal and a steal is not something to be ashamed of! Color palettes change with the seasons, but those seasons that have passed do come back! So although, the products you may find may be past season launches, it'll still be good for next season especially if you find it items launched around the same time last year. I never ever pass up a good beauty deal! Especially if it involves high quality brands! Stay tuned for the reviews and mugshots!

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