Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nordstrom Rack Finds!

My weekly visit to Nordy's Rack did not disappoint. Although my last purchase of Too Faced products was sadly disappointing due to the sheerness of the eyeshadows, I decided to give this first pictured set a try mainly for the Lash Injection! I have been reading so much about this mascara, but I kept putting off getting myself a tube because I still have brand new tubes of Lola and Smashbox mascaras I have yet to open and try. I would have kept waiting if I didn't run into this...

Fantastic Plastic "Your Plastic Surgery Alternative"
$14.97 vs. $38.50 Retail Cost vs. $64.50 Retail Value

This set features a FULL SIZED Lash Injection, Wrinkle Injection, AND Lip Injection all for seriously a fraction of the cost! I am kinda also backed up on eye wrinkle creams so I wasn't particularly looking for anything new but couldn't manage to argue with this price! Also, I am scared to death to try the Lip Injection because my lips are super duper sensitive. I have put off trying any and all lip plumpers. Now I have no excuse but to try it!

$12.97 vs. $29.50 Retail

Status Gloss

$7.97 ea. vs. $19.50 ea. Retail

There were also two more big sets/palettes that I can't seem to find the pictures of right now. I am going to pay them another visit tomorrow and get the details straight. Stay tuned for an edit! I know for sure they are a deal because a lady told me she had just bought one of them on HSN.com and was shocked at the Nordy's price. Too bad that for me the color pay off isn't nearly as gorgeous as they are in the pan. I may think about it some more and end up getting the Hopeless Romantic though. My sister likes Too Faced because their products are more sheer than most brands I like so if I don't care for it, I know someone who will. It's not a total loss, right?!

Get there while you can, because again, with these prices for such coveted Too Faced products they will surely fly off the shelves. Of course there are still more Bliss, Skin Fusion, Ahava, PerriconeMD, Smashbox, DuWop, and Stila stragglers.

Update 10.22.08 - So I went back to Nordy's today and made a few last minute decisions. It could be because the beauty section was just BUZZING with tons of girls so I felt the pressure to get my share of the deals! I am telling you manicured hands were flying everywhere! Although, Nordy's really needs to implement a Tester system stat! I can see the [addict] consumers' need to open the packaging to check for damage, but man, some just don't have the common courtesy to put stuff back as one finds it! At CCS, they keep only one tester out and when you're ready to buy, they check the quality before putting items in your bag. That's the ideal system right there! None of this, "every woman for herself" self governmenting system they got going on right now. It's hectic, unsanitary, and costly! Wow. That was an unintentional rant! Sorry!

Anyway, I went back to scope out those two products I forgot and decided against the Hopeless Romantic. Instead, I picked up a second set of the Fantastic Plastic, 1 Status Gloss in Trust Fund Baby. LOVE this color! It's a low shimmer nude with high shine. Next, I picked up one of the items I forgot and I can't find a picture of it on the web plus its untitled. It's going to remain a mystery set until I get unlazy and arrange a photo-op. Until then, it was a cute pink package jam packed with the following FULL SIZED goodies:

$24.00 Retail

$16.00 Retail

$18.50 Retail

$17.00 Retail

and they snuck in a Magic Wand sample. All that for a whopping (get ready for this) $15.97! WOW.

$14.95 vs. $40.00 Retail

It is a card board treasure box or jewelry box, cute like Too Faced is known for. No junk in this trunk! Open up the clasp and you find an old school mini vanity mirror with battery operated lights. In the body of the trunk is the color collection, folded within itself are pans of shadows, lip colors, and blushes. Again, all beautiful in the pan, but I didn't want to go down that road again so I left them there once again so if Too Faced is for you, it's there! Sold out on TooFaced.com!

I didn't pick up the Too Faced palettes because the cons outweighed the pros and I already knew they weren't going to be enough pigmentation for my liking so I opted for the Stila Perfectly Peach and Perfectly Plum palettes I passed up a couple weeks ago but just decided today I had to have them. Hey, a girl can change her mind! ;p

No Nordstrom Rack near you? No Problem! Beautycrunch.com has some of the same items currently in stock. Plus they have more that I want but haven't run into yet, such as the talking palettes from Stila!! Check them out today!

Also, I found a youtuber who bought pretty much everything I did, you can see these items live:

Thanks Brandi!

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