Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nordstrom Rack Finds!

I stopped by the local Nordstrom Rack and man have they restocked on their Vintage Stila items! This time around they had...

$14.97 vs. $34.00 retail

$14.97 vs. $32.00 retail (out of stock on

fall eye and cheek palette: perfectly peach
$11.97 vs. $30.00 retail

blanc palette 
$13.97 vs. $32.00 retail

$13.97 vs. $32.00 retail

$29.97 vs. $75.00 retail

or the following individual short handles brushes for $7.97 each

$24.00 retail

$22.00 retail

$18.00 retail

$20.00 retail

They also have assorted single eye shadow pans and lipsticks for $6.97 vs. $18.00 retail. As well as a dwindling supply of Too Faced, DuWop, and Smashbox items I posted a few weeks back. Click on the Nordstrom Rack label to check what I am rambling about then stop in and stock up! Or if you're a closet beauty horder and want to shop in the privacy of your own home, also sells some of the same items for about the same price. The difference is literally pennies, but the cons are you can't play with the colors first hand and you will have to pay extra S/H! You decide, pay for gas or S/H??? ;)

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