Friday, September 26, 2008

Lola Cosmetics Details!

I am soooo excited about this opportunity to test out Lola products at such a low cost! I came across Lola first at Ulta but it never much called out to me. Given that the price is a bit higher than MAC and comparable to NARS, I didn't think I would ever purchase a Lola product unless it was recommended with high praises. Needless to say, I don't hear the name Lola tossed around much in the beauty world. 

Here is a pic of the case of the LuminEyes Eye Colour Collection palette from a 2007 Limited Edition promo. The case is a pearly, opalescent white python.  The tab closure is magnetic and bedazzled with a few jewels. Lola is embossed in red foil on the front, in its signature cursive font. 

Inside, you'll find 8 cashmere soft, shimmering shades. I tried to find names to these shadows, but have been unsuccessful so far. In order from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: a buttery yellow, a bronze gold, a rich brown, an olive green, a fleshy pink, a smokey gray, a mellow taupe, and a vibrant blue. Most shades have high shimmer, similar to a pearl or veluxe pearl. The brown is more matte with tiny bits of sparkle, and the blue is an oddball one being that it isn't very pigmented and requires a bit more packing than the others. Kind of shocking, considering the vibrancy of it in the pan. I was bracing myself for a Mimi-esque pay off.

I was in a swatching mood last night...these are in the same order as in the pans.

Now, I mentioned this before, I am not the biggest fan of liquid liners. I can honestly say, until this palette, I own absolutely no liquid liners! Maybe with the four color options provided, I can grow to like them with some forced practice, eh? Time to search some application techniques on youtube! From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Bronze, Olive Green, Silver, Blue. All with a low glare metallic finish. The first two applied evenly with a good amount of product and was consistent in application. The last two, especially the blue, seemed to be a bit more watery as if the formula seperated.  These liquid liners have a no budge policy. It took a few wipes before they released their hold. The applicator tip is a fine brush tip.

Same order as above...see how the blue was uneven?

And the included tinsy brush. So so cute!  I don't think I ever use the included brushes though.

Here are the lip gloss bottles. These lip glosses remind me of the C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shines you can find at Bath & Body Works (Free S/H with $60 purchase, Promo Code: FREESHIP60) being that they had a fresh minty scent. Guess what, there's NO flavor though! The texture is creamy, not at all tacky and sticky. Although, it looks like a lot of shimmer, the formula appears very natural on the lips, highlighting and accentuating the shape of the lip very well. 

The product swapper strikes again! In my rush, I didn't notice that I picked up two Muses. One was in a box marked Celestial. Oh hum, oh well. My bestie, Lola, will be blessed with the duplicate. Surprisingly, she's never heard of the brand! I will be scoping out other Marshall's soon, because I definitely am a fan of this minty gloss and at $2.99, I can't justify not getting more as stocking stuffers! 

I love Lola's packaging. It totally appeals to the girly girl in me. A much different approach, than the more fashion forward labels and their simplistic black packaging or the clean, clinical look of the more eco-friendly brands. I love the racy, scarlet red! Product review and Mugshot to follow soon, please check back!

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