Saturday, November 1, 2008

CCS/MAC Update & Haul!

Remember when I got the Sun Centered powder from CCS a couple weeks back? Back then, there was only that powder and the Play Around Pink. Well, on my visit today, I spied the rest of the 2008 Summer Colour Form collection at my local CCS in the Block at Orange. There were also a couple more mattes and matte2s that were in attendance...

Meet the Fleet (2007 Naughty Nauticals - Matte Midnight Blue) 
$10.00 vs. $14.50 Retail 

[insert photo here]
Blanc Type (Matte2 Creamy Beige) 
$10.25 vs. $14.50 Retail

I picked up these two shades to update my matte collection. I feel that for Fall and Winter I find myself steering clear of shimmery shadows. I guess, for me, without the glowing sun, glowing skin just doesn't look right. In addition to the two shadows above I picked up...

 Greenstroke Paint Pot (Left)
$11.75 vs. $16.50 Retail

Accentuate/Sculpt (2007 Sculpt and Shape Duo Powders. They had them all.)
$14.75 vs. $21.00 Retail 

and one non-MAC item...

$9.25 vs. $13.00 Retail

I've been looking for a lash primer to compare with Smashbox's Layer Lash Primer and L'Oreal Volume Shocking Step 1. So far, in my opinion, L'Oreal is the winner in this race. Shocking, huh? ;p I have heard great things about Clinique's as well as MAC, but since I ran into Clinique's today, I figured I could further my experiment with theirs. 

Also, there were two baggies from the Fafi collection. Other than these mentioned items, every thing else was of the norm; nail lacquers, skin care items, tons of lippies and glosses.
Oh, and I learned something neat the other day that might be useful for those who are hesitant to purchase MAC cosmetics at discount retailers such as the CCS. On the label of each product there is an embossed alpha numeric combo. This number can also be found on the sticker of the box. The last number in the sequence references the year the product was manufactured. For instance, the Blanc Type I purchased is stamped with A37 which means it was manufactured in 2007 and the Meet the Fleet is stamped with A18 which equates to 2008. So there you have it, hardly old rubbish cosmetics now is it?

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