Thursday, October 16, 2008

CCS/MAC Update & Haul!

My visit to the CCS was a pleasant surprise tonight. I ran into a mish mash of collection eras. There were some items from the 2006 Trip Limited Edition Collection like the Lip/Eye Palettes.

There was also Trip LustreGlass Trio in Beaux, Wonderstruck, and Instant Gold for $26.25. I snapped these up because they each had something different to offer color-wise. Beaux being an intense pink coral , Wonderstruck being a warm beige brown, and Instant Gold being, well, gold. ;p
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2008 Nordstrom Limited Edition Collection Colour Form Powders for $17.25 vs. $24.50 Retail.

Left - Play Around Pink
* Intense blue mid-tone pink with pearlized pigments
* Plum
* Soft pink with pink & white pearlized pigments
* Light pink

Right - Sun Centered
* Coral with gold pearlized pigments
* Mid-tone bronze
* Soft wheat with gold & silver pearlized pigments
* Soft peach with white pearlized pigments

These powders were part of Nordstrom's Limited Edition Line recently released this Summer in July so it was odd to see them at CCS so fast. Each compact contains four complementary shades. Since I am a NARS Orgasm lover, I opted for the Sun Centered mainly for its natural peachy tones.

There were also four new matte2s; Post Haste, Pen 'N' Pink, Poison Pen, and Signed, Seal for $10.25. I got the latter. I can do deep purples, but for some reason I think pastels and bright pinks look ridiculous on me.

Also in attendance were a bunch of Tinted Lip Conditioner Sticks. The prissy chapstick have a nice sheer color wash, but I think I'll stick to my $1 Carmex for now thank you very much. 

They still have tons of stuff from the Stylistics, Royal Assets, and Novel Twist Collections and I have a sneaking suspicion they are hording other more recent collections until they are rid of these stragglers! I keep passing these items up, saving my money for a big haul, but it never comes so I keep doing mini hauls. Eventually, I think I'm going to end up purchasing all the things I pass up. I started eyeing this beautiful deep red gloss with gold reflects from the Stylistics line but deep vampy colors is something I don't feel I can do either. It might be just me, but I like to stick to the safe colors! Oh well. Man, I am going to be broke and *bam* here comes all this great stuff from Fafi or more piggies! I just know it. 

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