Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a Girl Thing!

My little angel, Phoenix, at 20 mos. already gets the fun of make up. Every morning as I perform my ritual she comes tearing into my room and tells me to scooch over on my vanity seat so that she can get in on the action. I have a designated blush brush that I give her every time and this old Victoria's Secret gift box with embroidered glittery dots that she thinks are eyeshadows and she just sits there with me applying her "make up". It's the sweetest thing to watch. My husband doesn't agree though. He just doesn't get that make up is ingrained in us girls! LOL. This weekend, my heart and I had a girl night and I let her do all the make upping. She also does free lance if you're interested. Email me! Don't worry, I'll teach her about blending later. ;p

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