Monday, April 11, 2011

late, but always worth the wait!

i know many people say the biggest con about shopping at discount department stores, such as tjmaxx, marshall's, ross, etc., is that you get past season items and even current season items are sometimes last year's model. but really, who cares that much? i don't hang around many people that can look at my shoes and know off hand the year and season they were made let alone who makes them, so shopping end of season clearance is no big deal to me. i like to think of it as stocking up for next year.

so this whole fall/winter season i have been pining for a good pair of black leather booties. i didn't want just any old bootie either. i wanted something really cute but could also be a classic staple piece to stay wearable in my wardrobe for years. problem is, when it's boot season it is boot overload. everyone carries boots in all shapes, colors, and designs but many of the makers charge more than they should. stacked heels aren't even real wood, just a cleverly designed sticker. "leather" is really "pleather" or "leatherette". i've even seen plastic heels that you can knock on and hear a hollowed echo! anyway, i didn't see anything all season worth shelling out money for, but good things truly come to those who wait. behold, my latest treasure...

$79.00 vs. $399.00 Retail

yes, dear readers, whomever you may be. you are seeing this correctly. this bootie features a tumbled leather upper, leather lining, and leather sole. i found this all leather bootie for $79.00 at marshall's and the icing on the cake? it's by L.A.M.B.! i am so glad i held out! i am in love and will wear this bootie even if fall is behind us! i can't stand to pack it away just yet. this purchase is going down in history with my two other amazing L.A.M.B finds here and here. i am going to sleep well tonight, with visions of little lambs jumping fences wearing these booties.

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