Monday, April 18, 2011

spongebob nudey shoes

ross has become my re-addiction. my recent scores have had me seeking out every ross within a 5 mile radius just so that i can take a peek at their inventory. and when i say peek, i mean buying everything i consider a "steal". their marketing ploy to check back daily has really suckered me in. genius, i tell you! here is what i found on their website as a "tip" to their consumers...



The number one way to discover the best deals is to come often. Shipments arrive at our stores 3 to 6 times a week. At Ross there’s always something new.

here's what i've spotted at several rosses...

$24.99 vs. $69.95 Website Sale vs. $89.95 Retail

$24.99 vs. $79.00

Steve Madden Nude Cork Wedge
$24.99 vs ?

so i picked up this last pair, because spring/summer = wedges. now, i don't usually post my own photos for several reasons. the main reason being that i take crappy photos and the only device nearest to me is my bberry, but also because i don't think amateur photos do any justice to many products. however, for the life of me i couldn't find these wedges on the public domain. and i pride myself on being a great researcher. oh well, can't always have what you want. speaking of which...i remember a few seasons ago when my sister and i were obsessed with finding the perfect nude pump. the pickins' were slim back then and some pairs were too cool nude verging on gray or too warm nude, almost a peach tone. but now? now it's nude galore. it's like walking into a... nevermind. nude shoes are available for everyone of all wallet sizes.

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