Monday, April 11, 2011

le boyfriend

i loooove the look of boyfriend jeans. another fav style for spring/summer! the main difference in the boyfriend versus other styles is the straight hip. this type of cut defeminizes our curves and makes for a more relaxed fit.

some of my favorite celebrities rockin' the boyfriend:

gwen stefani

katie holmes

megan fox

when i think of boyfriend jeans, i think of levi's. in my opinion, levi's is the only one that can do it right. maybe because they were the pioneers? too many suggestions/comments/concerns from men that their significant others have been swiping their beloved 501s?

on my lunch i wanted to get out of the office so i drove tothe nearest shopping plaza and there was a ross there. coincidence? i think not. my sis loved her newly gifted paige denim so much she now wants to "raid the ross" (her words!) in that area. she's been super green that i've found so many designer items for dirt cheap that she wanted in on the fun too. however, that's a bit of a drive during the week, so i thought i'd pop into a local one to see if they had any. nope. but i did find these!

$12.99 vs. $48.00 Retail

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