Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Outer Body Experience!

Ladies, I think I died a little tonight. Isn't that what happens when you meet your true sole mate?? No, I didn't spell that wrong. Yes, I meant sole as in shoes. To make it that much better you have to have a crazy story behind it right?

I was at work ho-humming it and bored completely out of my mind when my sister slash bestest shopping buddy ever texts and asks if I had plans for the night. I didn't so I told her so. She then asked if I could help her tie up some loose ends for her wedding (happening in less than two weeks, wahoo!) so I said sure. Unbeknownst to me this adventure would lead me to Nordstrom Rack as she needed to look for a second flower girl dress. Again I said sure, casually, I mean what could happen right? Nothing bad ever happens at Nordstrom Rack. Nevermind the withdrawal symptoms of keeping my credit card on lockdown for the past few months niggling at the back of my head. So we get to Metro Pointe and the first two shops on the agenda held nothing of interest (Except a really cute tie dyed floor length tank dress. Oops!). Then we got to Nordstrom Rack. This is where she met the perfect Christian Louboutin booties and I met destiny...

L.A.M.B Vincent Boots in Forest Green
$59.95 vs. $625.00 Retail

It was love at first sight for my sister and I. We were no longer communicating coherently to one another. My boot was the only pair left and I was momentarily heart broken when I saw that it was a size 6 1/2 but the things women do for the perfect shoe, right? Luckily, L.A.M.B shoes run a bit big (and clothes small, go figure!), so there was no foot binding necessary. It was already marked ridiculously low from $625 to $119.90 so it was already mine. I wasn't even going to bother rationalizing for that steal of a deal but it gets better. When I got to the counter it was all a blur, it happened so quickly, apparently another store had a current running boot sale and it applied to non participating stores merchandise as well. Kind of like, hey I saw an ad blah blah blah. In the end, I walked out with these boots for $59.95!!! Did you catch that?!? Fifty-nine ninety-five! I will give you a minute to catch your breath. I am telling you, pictures do my babies no justice. It is such a unique color only Gwen Stefani can dream up. These are the sexiest fitting boots I've ever owned! I feel slightly like a dominatrix! Crack that whip!

P.S. I have an appointment to meet up with a local beauty school with a great esthetics program. Eek! I can't wait!

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