Sunday, February 15, 2009

Red She Said!

How did I forget to share this!? My lovely sister got me this wonderful "just because" gift. She knew I was eyeballing it every visit to the CCS for quite some time, so she decided to surprise me with it. Isn't she the best?! The flash threw off the actual coloring. It's not hot pink, it's really a blood red patent leather. Of course, it doesn't fit my entire collection but its more than perfect for traveling or when I am doing some freelance make up work. I love it and of course with all things I LOVE, I horde it. I think I've used it a total of 2 times and have had it for 3 months! HA HA! Oh, and with my recent visit to CCS I spied an even bigger MAC train case. Le Sigh. One is never happy. 

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