Saturday, February 14, 2009

CCS/Nordstrom Rack/TJ Maxx...oh my! has been a while hasn't it? Well, let's not waste time with the bitchins' and the moanins' we gots serious bidness to discuss here...

Today I took a magical make up tour through Orange County, and can I tell you, it was a haul-a-day!

First stop, I visited a local TJ Maxx. There had been quite a dry spell in the cosmetics department of TJ Maxx and Marshall's but no more! If you missed out on the Hard Candy liquidation sales last year here is your chance to stock up on your HC favorites at super low prices without having to pay extra for S/H! I spied tons of...

Eyeshadow Quartets 
$3.99 vs. $14.00 50% Sale vs. $28.00 Retail 
Delusional, Disco 2000, Drama Queen, Pixie, Moody, Star, Techno, Fringe, Old Skool

and tons more that aren't even available on the website any longer. There were also...

Sold out on the website!

Chinese Take Out make up collection 
Also sold out! 

Sweet Spot lip gloss 
$2.99 vs. $5.50 50% Sale vs. $11.00 Retail

$4.99 vs. $7.50 50% Sale vs. $15.00 Retail

Get in there and stop kicking yourself for missing it last Summer!

Next stop, was Nordstrom Rack. There was mucho excitement going on at Nordy's today as there is a HUGE L.A.M.B. shoe sale event! I was in love with so many a pairs but made nice with just one pair of black suede booties $74.95 vs. $425.00 Retail. I ain't lyin' girl. Make up related they still had those Stila loot bag thingys that I still can't seem to find on the net. They also had a bunch of repeat Too Faced products like The New Romanic Unicorn palette, Hopeless Romantic palette, and the new kids on the block are the...

Love Lisa kits for $12.97 vs. $32.50. 

Oh, and all the Skin Fusion products are GONE.

Last on the extended make up tour was a visit to the CCS. They had a mish mash of different items from FAFI, StarFlash, Red She Said, Neo Sci-Fi and the list goes on as did my receipt...on and on and on.  

See what happens when you are on financial lockdown for months on end? You freak out and spend! On a more positive note I am happy to share that one of the greatest opportunity to present itself is finally having the time and funds to attend beauty school. I am taking this change to finally do something I love since I have to start over career-wise, I thought why not? I have been researching and have decided to check out the Glammin Institute of Makeup and Fashion. Has anyone been there or know anything about it? If so, please share!  


Alyssa said...

I came across this blog entry because i was trying to find information on the Glammin Institute of Makeup and Fashion and i was wondering if you ever took any classes there and if so what you thought of them =)

debeauty blogger said...

Hi Alyssa,

I haven't taken classes yet. I am planning to take their Pro MUA course this June. Turns out they have completely changed their packages since I last posted about them. They have condensed 4different classes into the one I was planning on attending, threw in a photoshoot, and increased the price only by $1,000! Plus you get a kit! So now I am even more excited! I will try and update my blog with my experience, so feel free to check back! Have you requested to tour their school? I am planning on doing this before I register since I too don't know anyone who has attended Glammin'.

xo chrisTY