Friday, February 20, 2009

Maxx'd Out at Nordys!

So I have this weird quirk in my personality where I get on "kicks". A majority of people have one thing and they go all out for that one thing, like Hello Kitty, NASCAR, or dirt. You know, when you're totally obsessed with something and that's your "thing" for a while and it's all you can think about. Well for me, my thing changes...alot. Probably because I overdo it and I get sick of it. Like eating too much sweets. It just gets ick after a while. That's how I am with shopping. One month, I may be all about shoes. Next it will be purses. Next underwear. It's endless! Right now I am on a hair care kick. I have just been so sick of my blah hair that I want to do new stuff to it. I don't know what kinda stuff yet but I have been keeping my shop eye (AKA third eye) open and have been running into some great deals. For instance at Nordstrom Rack I found this...

$99.95 vs. $200 MSRP

I thought that this nifty little set would be perfect for traveling and since I am going on a vacay this June to visit my currently preggers BFF, I had to pick it up! And how perfect is it to bring to any gigs for minor hair styling needs! I have yet to open it as I am still researching the reviews. I currently use a Hai stick, so CHI is new to me and my hair.

Next, I was in the market for a good curling iron. I had two perfectly good irons and gave them up for adoption when I found a good deal on a Wigo iron. This SOB of an iron turned out to be sh!t and pulls single strands of hair when you least expect it and you know how that hurts so much more than having a fistful yanked! Anywayyyyy. I digress. I was in the market yada yada. TJ Maxx surprised me by carrying Hot Tools. Unfortunately not the lusted after salon quality irons but these...

Helix with Nanosilver by Hot Tools
$19.99 vs. $59.99 Retail

The TJM I visited had three different barrel sizes: 3/4in, 1in, and 1 1/4in. I grabbed the 1 1/4 because I like that size, not too big, not too small. I tried it out right when I got home because I have the worst luck with buying the right iron. Lo' and behold this iron is pretty fantastic! It heats up right away. The clamp is not too lose or tight, no more hair slipping or being pulled. Also, my hair is pretty stubborn and doesn't take too well to curling but it curled it with no problems. So far, so good. We will see if I have any complaints in the near future.

P.S. Today is my birthday! It's the BIG one. I have to show and tell my gifts another night.

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