Monday, February 8, 2010

Forever 21 Haul

They got me. Again. So this is my second F21 haul this month and it's barely passing the second week. I am rationalizing it by saying it's my birthday gift to myself AND for working so hard last semester AND as a motivation incentive for trying to do equally well this semester. Sheesh, you can tell the guilt is getting to me. LOL.

So here's what broke me down...

This top was a new addition when I popped on to see what was going on in F21Land. Big mistake. I just fell in love with the drapey, off the shoulder style of it right away. And of course, it is in my favorite Winter color. How am I to resist?

This classic silhouette cut dress is perfect for the office. I just adore that little subtle pop of color on the shoulders. Which can be a very attractive feature of women when accentuated right. It's been sitting in my cart for a while, so I had to free it, you know?

This is just a basic collared shirt for work. It was in the Fabulous Finds category too, so it doesn't even count! ;P Of course, with all great basic finds...

Stock up on another color.
I will love this shade with the black and cream skirt from my last haul.

A great slouchy, casual shirt. This one has a zipper pocket detailing that makes it just a little bit more dressy than a bummy stay-at-home sweatshirt.

I LOVE this fedora and the color scheme on the ribbon. So perfect for Summer paired with a white, flowy maxi dress. Wait, do I even own one? Uh oh. What about that cute white t-dress number from Big uh oh!

Basic tee with zipper pocket detailing. I know it's very similar to the one above, but this is more for Summer when I don't have to layer or wear thicker fabrics for warmth.

And here's the grand total using the ILOVEF21 discount code...

(click to enlarge)

Yes, the color choices are very similar to the first F21 order post, being mostly grays, purples, and blues but hey! Be proud of me for the colorful ribbon on the Fedora! I am working on it. I can only justify fun prints in the Spring and Summer for some reason. It's just the way my twisted little brain works.

Here's another thing, I am lazy about accessories. Be it jewelry, belts, scarves, hats, etc. I purchase things with the intent to incorporate them into an outfit and then I just don't. So I rarely buy them much anymore. They must be "have to have it" in order for me to get them. I want to get back into it again though. Maybe in the Summer...

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