Monday, February 8, 2010

New Online Shop

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There's a new kid on the online shopping block and already, it's become quite popular in the online fashion community. Introducing, Thread Sence . com, a self-proclaimed "indie-urban essence of style and culture". This is what I would describe my casual day outfits, indie-urban. So you know, I am already loving this website.

Aside from buying items via categories, they also offer an online shopping experience via a lookbook of pre-styled outfits. My personal favorite, because sometimes it can be difficult for me to put together a complete look. I can appreciate a well put together outfit, but sometimes it can be hard for me to create one on my own. I have been known to buy the clothes of an entire mannequin!

The prices are decent, a little higher than F21, but not by much. The quality of the fabrics? That's a big question mark because I haven't yet purchased anything. But I would say that some of their items are unique.

I think I hear a faint, "uh oh" echoing in the back of my head. That would be my shopping conscience trying to tell me to stay away!

Here's my first shopping cart...

I love how this t-shirt dress drapes the body. Of course, I will need to tan like crazy before I even think of putting this color on! Me thinks it's more of a Summer type dress. The off the shoulder is very sexy and fun, not in the trashy and sloppy, I-got-so-drunk-I-can't-keep-my-dress-on kind of way. You know what I mean!

Another off the shoulder, comfy cozy sweater. For some reason I am drawn to this earth toned color. I have a ton of shirts and dresses in this color. Love it to death!

You guessed it! Another off the shoulder. This shirt is on the model in the image up top. I liked it as soon as I saw it. So cute.

(click to enlarge)

So the subtotal for these three items is already over $100. Hmmm....I think I am going to just let the cart sit until I decide if I really really really have to have them. LOL. I am so bad.

Overall, I like Thread Sence's style. The Indie-Urban label is so me, so of course I was drawn to their website. If and when I do purchase something, I will have to let you all know more deets. Until then, happy shopping!

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