Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marshall's Finds!

I had a high stress day at school today. How bad? Retail Therapy bad. So I stopped by my local Marshall's to see what was going on there.

Now some people will balk at the idea of even walking into a store such as Banana Republic or department store and rationalize by saying that they have a Walmart budget. What they may not realize is that with patience and determination you can find even better deals for high end designer clothes at these high priced retailers and sometimes even Marshall's or TJMaxx.

Case in point?...

My newly acquired $3.00 Gabardine wool MaxStudio slacks.
They retail at $148.00!

These trousers have that 1940s Hollywood sailor pant silhouette. It's high waisted and very slimming along the hips. The fabric just flows over curves and fits like a glove! Even the length is perfect for standard height heels. 5 inch stacked platforms need not apply!

In case you're wondering, there aren't any digits missing from the price up there. No typo. It really cost $3.00 as in three dollars. That's even cheaper than thrift stores these days! MaxStudio is one of my favored work apparel clothing lines but never in a million years would I consider spending $150.00 on a pair of pants. What I will do is take the time to dig through junk until I find a diamond in the rough. Trust me, the feeling to find an incredible deal such as this one is so worth the effort.

And what else did I find?...

J Brand cords for $10.00!
This slim fitting cigarette pant currently retails at $158.00 on their website.

I also found a black crocheted sweater from Express and a black wool pencil skirt by Kenar for $7.00 each. Both really cute staple pieces that will not fall out of style anytime soon or ever! I probably won't be able to find photos of these two items on the web, so I'll take my own pic and post it for the show part of my show 'n' tell later.

My total for all four items, pre-tax was $37.00. A savings of hundreds! That's insane! So how can I justify spending $80.00+ on slacks at Banana Republic when I know at the end of the season they will have the same pair of slacks for $9.99? Or markdowns as low as the MaxStudio slacks? I can't! So I keep that in mind and just know I have to wait...patiently...until the price marker gun goes off. Then all bets are off!

p.s. no cosmetics. still. ;(

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