Friday, February 5, 2010

So In Love...with Forever 21!

Oh man, I was so so excited when this banner popped up as I logged onto! I am on their site once every other day because their stock is never consistent in the stores and is constantly changing online. I miss out on a lot of good stuff sometimes. But I always fill up my shopping cart and for some reason, just leave the items sitting there until they disappear from stock. But this time, oh man, this time I went cuckoo bananas because of the sale prices!

So here's what I purchased. At the end I have posted my receipt with all the prices.

This turtleneck sweater dress from their Heritage 81 or now AKA H81 line also comes in a lighter gray as well. I love how cozy warm it looks. Paired with leggings or dark washed skinny jeans and some boots and you're set!

This Dino tee was not on sale, but I couldn't resist! It was too cute. Perfect for a casual day or even the gym.

This Lire tee, fits my personality to the T (pun definitely intended)! I also love that it's a v-neck. I bought this in a medium so that I could wear it loose and casual.

I am definitely loving the high waisted skirts that have been around for a while, and then in a classic jacquard polka dot fabric and I'm as good as sold! Perfect for a sophisticated office look. I'm thinking heather gray cardigan and red pumps?

The deep eggplant-y purple of this top really caught my eye. I am loving the romantic flutter sleeves too!

It was love at first sight for me and this navy wool military inspired coat. I just hope it fits as well tailored as it looks! Love the whole look, from the red trim, to the belt, to the buttons.

This top got my attention for it's edgy, leather and studs detailing. Perfect for when you want to add a little rock and roll to your outfit.

I like this black sweater. It's such a great basic piece but has a modern silhouette with the deep scoop neck and bat winged sleeves. It's so nice, I bought it twice!

In a lighter gray!

This skirt is so adorable! Though you can't tell, the description says that it's pleated and satin. I am seeing this paired with a white collared shirt and deep purple cardigan. So cute!

Another jacquard type of pleated skirt with more of a floral flair. Again, perfect for the office.

This dress was not on sale, but I have been eyeing it for quite a while. So I caved today. I just love the silhouette. It's classic yet modern edgy with the zippered pockets. I bought it in navy blue, but it also comes in a brighter blue with polka dots. Not my style, but cute still.

A great pair of gray tweed slacks for work but with a more modern tapered leg. I hope it fits as cute as it looks on the screen! The size of my butt doesn't always agree with F21's sizing. ::sigh::

As you can guess, my style is classic sophisticate. I like clean, simple lines and dark (slimming) colors. I guess I am still in the Winter mood being that it's raining as I type this. Who am I kidding, this is my taste. So what? I need more cute outfits for my internship. When I lost my job, I packed away all my career clothes and went crazy on casual outfits for school. So now, I have to counter-balance that. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

(clickety-click to enlarge)

Not bad for all those items, right? And it's free shipping if you spend over $75! The only con? Waiting for the package to arrive. :( So if you didn't already know (maybe I'm the slow one here?) log onto F21 now and shop away! I have a shopping cart growing again already.

I like the color combo here, it's very eye-catching. I also adore the shoulder detailing. Very Gaga-esque! Love her BTW.

I am starting to realize I have a ton of grays and taupe tops. I just love the color for Winter. This top has a sequin applique in kind of a chain link fence pattern. "Lattice" for the fancy people.

Here's another dress with a great silhouette. The color detailing on the shoulder adds a little simple flair that I am partial to.

I don't know how I missed these gems, but I guess it helps me to feel better seeing the amounts on two different receipts rather than one large total. (Spoken like a true shopping addict). ;P


Ugh, sooooo irritated with myself! Haven't been on in a while and forgot to check before I went shop crazy. But this is what I get, I suppose, for giving in...

(mental head slap)

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