Wednesday, February 3, 2010

25% off L.A.M.B!

Hi all, I was wandering through Off Saks 5th at The Block the other night and couldn't find anything worth blogging about makeup wise (again!) so I wandered over to handbags. There I found three table displays of L.A.M.B bags. As did all the other women in the section. The Gwen Stefani styled bags have always drawn a crowd in this store!

Usually I like to buy L.A.M.B at Nordstrom Rack because they have better discounted prices, but for whatever reason Nordy's has been lacking in L.A.M.B lately. So I was very happy to see them at Saks and they were all 25% off!

Here's what caught my eye...

L.A.M.B. Melbourne Printed Satchel
$149.99 (+25% off included) vs. $295.00 Retail

L.A.M.B Williamsfield Tote (Small & Large)
$104.99 and $149.99 (+25% off included) vs. $295.00 Retail

And here was my favorite...

L.A.M.B Charlemagne Hobo
$254.99 (+25% off included) vs. $495.00 Retail

Those were my favorites, but there were tons of other designs and within those designs many different styles of bags to choose from. They also had wallets, clutches, and shoes. All for 25% off. But alas, I left empty handed. I was too afraid to tempt fate. But, since my birthday is around the corner, I will just have to be extra nice to the hubs! ;)

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