Monday, January 18, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Shopping.

To finally report for the discounted beauty world, I came across tons of Perricone MD skincare products at Nordstrom Rack this week. As I've mentioned, I have teen acne that has unfortunately stuck with me as I continued on into adulthood. Back when I was on my mother's budget, we purchased what we could and that varied from Oxy to prescription grade Retin-A. None of those products worked for long as my skin quickly became immune to them. I also tried the infamous ProActiv brand and my skin allowed it to work for a good stint then decided to overthrow it as well. From there, I've tried Arbonne as well as other designer zit zappers. Then one day, I found the Acne Recovery System at Nordstrom Rack and blogged about it way back in August of 2008.

I LOVED LOVED that system and so did my skin. But, alas, of the 6 sets I bought one bit the dust before I could use it by its expiration date. Of course, we all know that as much as we are tempted to save $$$, we should never gamble with our skin by using expired products. BIG NO NO! Well, I cannot afford the hefty retail price tag of Acne Recovery so when Nordstrom Rack began continually stocking newer Perricone MD products I decided to give their acne system a shot.

At first, I purchased the travel set for $19.99 vs. $50.00 retail and it came with a gel cleanser, toner, treatment, and lotion. The products worked so well, that I went ahead and purchased the full sized products. They ranged from $14.99 to $19.99 each. My favorite aspect about this skin care line is that it is virtually scent free and very light weight. I don't feel like I am suffocating my skin at all when layering all the products. The only con I have is that the acne treatment is pretty hard core. My skin got really red and irritated the first few times I used it and after a couple weeks my skin became extremely dry and flaky. Honestly though, I'd rather deal with that than acne. Hands down.

P.S. While there, I did also come across a pair of boots I have been coveting for a while but couldn't settle for paying regular retail price. After I was laid off, I swore off heels until I absolutely had to wear them again. And since it is Fall/Winter, I have been on a boot kick lately. I was eyeballing the motorcycle style "Buck" boot by Steve Madden. And when I found them while at Nordstrom Rack on sale, I couldn't resist.

$66.90 vs. $149.95 Retail


Kristy said...

I LOVE the Perricone acne kit. It's the only thing that worked for me when I went through a major breakout for about a year. I was having issues with the acne treatment too. I don't use it everyday anymore. That has helped alot.

I'm currently on the hunt for more cleanser before I break down and buy it full retail. I've already checked Pasadena and Howard Hughes Center Racks. Brea here I come!

christyn said...

So am I, turns out when I was ready to buy some products they all had the same expiration date of 03/10. Booo. Hopefully, they'll restock a fresher batch soon. Have you tried their tinted moisturizer? I LOVE it!

Kristy said...

Oh I have not!

I'll have to check that out.

I've been using their firming facial toner instead of the acne toner. I like it because it's helped getting rid of the discoloration I had from the acne scarring.

I'm heading out to Brea and possibly the Chino stores today.

I'll let you know if they have anything. The Howard Hughes one had a lot of the acne treatment.

Kristy said...

I'm still on the hunt for the cleanser. I might need to break down and pay retail.

I might die if I do that.

christyn said...

Ugh, I would definitely die too. Retail for PerriconeMD is way out of my price range. I haven't checked out the Metro Pointe one yet. I will let you know as soon as I do!