Monday, August 11, 2008

Skin, is in!

Not everyone has perfect skin so what do us blemished people do about it?? We try every product under the sun until we find one that is suitable for our own skin's special needs! We also take suggestions from friends, estiticians, and dermatologists. All with sickingly beautiful skin so we believe them, but for some unknown reason, their suggestions don't work for us. So what do we do?? Keep trying!

Products I've tried range from inexpensive drugstore brands such as Clearasil, ZapZyt, Neutrogena, and the list goes on and on. What about the more expensive systems??? ProActiv? Check! Arbonne Clear Advantage? Check! And the ridiculously expensive spa quality brands such as Decleor or Burke William Spa's own skin care line, H2V? CHECK CHECK!! It's an exhausting battle, but one cannot relent lest ye be ridden with zits galore! My latest trial is with Acne Recovery System by Trienelle:

"Acne Changes – shouldn’t your treatment? It’s the nature of acne that sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse. Until now, no acne medication could make the changes in strength to fit your changing acne needs. Need it stronger today? Milder tomorrow? No’re in control." -

$19.99 @ Nordstrom Rack vs. $99.00 retail

Sometimes you wonder..."What's the difference?" between this brand and that? Well, this unique acne control system is adjustable!! Read more about this unique system on the their website! At first glance, this system looks suspiciously similar to ProActiv and all the other brands out there but TRUST ME, it's not. I have been using this brand since December 2007 and so gggreeat! I have had no need to continue my quest for the elusive pimple cure and the results...simply miraculous! It worked so well that I bought 6 systems for $120. That would've cost me almost $600 retail!! This product is definitely worth checking out. Visit their website, view the testimonials, and order your first class ticket to beautiful skin today!

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