Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chi, that sucks!

Remember when I purchased the Chi Travel Set? I realize now (almost a year later) that I never wrote a review of it. I know this is kinda late, but you never know. It might still be out there, lurking for its next victim!

First, it wasn't much of a steal anymore when I ran into the set during a routine shopping excursion to Costco and discovered it was being sold for even cheaper! I think it was around $69.99 there. But guess what, even at that price...I wouldn't buy it again. I hate when Costco does that! Like when I purchased the hubby the complete Sopranos DVD set for a whole lotta mula at Best Buy and a few weeks later they have it for a good chunk less. Ugh, Costco! You are the bane of my wallet's existence! It's like I must consult with them before making any big purchases. Argh. But I digress...

Well, the kit was nice and cute and compact and stored neatly for traveling. This is what enticed me to purchase the set in the first place. Especially with a name like Chi, I thought it would surely deliver despite it's minute proportions. But, it is only useful if you are completely desperate and even then, make sure you have a lot of time on your hands.

The blow dryer is worse quality than even that of hotel dryers. It took a verrrrrrrry long time for it to even dry my little girl's hair and she's two!

Next, the flat iron was a little stubby but had good sized plates, so I thought, hey maybe this is where it'll redeem itself...until it started to burn my fingertips!

Overall, this product was probably my biggest purchase regret of 2009 that and the juicer I bought and used all of ONE time. Man, I am such an impulse buyer!

The Hot Tools Helix curler I bought in the same post turned out to be just so-so also. By the time I got to one side of my head, the already curled side had gone straight again. I endured it though and let it sit in my cabinet for months since I gave my older curling irons away when I purchased it. But no more! I got a wonderful hot roller and curling iron set from my sister for Christmas, and me and my fickle hair loves it!

Hot Shot Tools Hairsetter with 20 Flocked Rollers by Helen of Troy
$59.99 @ Sally Beauty
Hot Shot Tools Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron by Helen of Troy
$29.99 @ Sally Beauty

Note to self: Read customer reviews first, then purchase! During Christmas she found this set at Sally's. It was buy one (hot rollers) and get one (curling iron) for free. There were different packages like dryer plus flat iron, but I am so glad she chose this one. For some reason, my hair is extremely fickle with curling, but these do the job perfectly. Thanks sister!

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