Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Adventures in Cosmetics!

So one of the sisters and I (did I tell you? I have 4 sisters.) are on Winter Break from school. We were sitting around thinking of what to do to make some know, because we desperately need some. So we decided to do retail, not buy, sell. But we weren't quite sure what we wanted to specialize in. I, of course, am very fond of make-up and she has a knack for fashion. So we took a brief trip to the wholesale district in LAlaland to see what was out there. We went into several boutiques, I don't know if you've been there, because by several I mean city blocks worth of them. We only had a short window (1 hour) to do some window shopping, pricing, etc. and found some ideas. But, we were so excited about our plan we were instant open targets for the vendors. On the drive home we decided to return another day and spend more time working on our game faces.

This idea is to update my bucket list post. HAHA. Let's see if I actually follow through this time huh? What to do, what to do...make-up or accessories or both?

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