Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 = new me!

Well it looks like 2009 has been a process of becoming the new me. It first started out with a bit of uncertainty and anxiety because I found out on January 15th that I would be facing a lay off come June. I guess it was in a way better than being suddenly laid off because there was a nice little incentive along with it if I promised to work through the end. On the other hand, knowing your last day and then having to endure the negative attitudes of the people you work with who just didn't give a rat's ass anymore about their work quality and ethic was just unbearable and nearly mentally draining. Looking back I honestly wished I had the smarts to journal my experiences because it honestly would have been an award winning biopic slash self help book with an option for a reality TV show. No exaggeration. Being in that dysfunctional workplace was a test of my character for sure. However, I made it through and the past is thankfully in the past. I MUST move on and take what I've learned and become a better person through it in my next career.

The second big change in my life is that I decided to forego cosmetology/esthetician school and rejoining the workforce right away so that I can finally complete my BS. I have already completed my AA and was accepted as a transfer to CSUF for the Fall semester. Since our combined income for last year was considerablely high, I don't qualify for any financial aide. Also, I had worked hard for a few years to pay off all my debt, including my car note and didn't especially want to take on any loans so I have chosen to fund my education costs with my own savings. This decision along with the motivation and determination for learning that I've acquired with age has made it all that much more important for me to meet this goal I've set for myself. Now I am looking at my last two weeks in my first semester and am proud to say, I may be on the Dean's list. Yay!

The third thing I am doing for myself is finally putting my creativity and passion for writing to work and writing my first novel. In the past I have started many novels which still sit unfinished in my harddrive but I was inspired recently and the process has been completely different for this novel. I have a "feeling" that this will be the one. Unfortunately, I can only work on it during school breaks. So it will be a slow going process, but well worth the wait.

The fourth thing that I did was changing my physical self through what I put in my body. I completed the 10 Day Master Cleanse and have been a Vegetarian for 4 months. I briefly considered Vegan, but I love cheese way too much to give it up! It's been a great experience though I haven't decided what the long term goal is with it. It's a difficult lifestyle for sure. I have found that family and friends (of the meat eating variety) are not that supportive of it. I have been teased relentlessly and have been hounded with countless whys about my choice. I never thought it would cause such drama. I seriously think I would've gotten off easier if I told them I was addicted to crack.

I was surprised to realize that the one-year anniversary of my company's failure just passed and it's been 6 months since I've been laid off. I already feel that I am a completely different person and am probably the only person you'll meet that is glad she got laid off. Life is what you make it and turning a negative into a positive has let me tap into many things I wanted to do before a 9to5 chained me to a desk for an entire decade. *ouch, that just completely aged me* I feel like there are endless possibilities out there for me to venture into and there is nothing holding me back from it. Here is a short version of my "*Bucket List":

  • Publish a book
  • Take an acting class
  • Take a script-writing class
  • Write a screenplay
  • Be an extra on TV or film
  • Be crew on TV or film (make-up, costume, etc.)
*Subject to change daily.

A quick make-up related blurb. My email account has been hacked into and I had to shut it down due to numerous confirmations to "sexy webcam chats". I have to re-subscribe to receive my alerts. Also, though I have been too busy to post, I have done some window shopping and make-up has been nonexistent in my favorite discount shops. Hence, I have nothing to post about make-up. I have not purchased anything myself for months and have purged alot of untouched make-up in my own supply. Hopefully, once school is out and Christmas shopping is in full effect and can post something for any readers I may have. *crickets*

...or for myself.

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