Saturday, November 8, 2008

Skin Fusion MMU - Product Review!

This is a continuation of a post I started a while back. I wanted more time and use of the Skin Fusion minerals products before continuing with my review in case you're wondering that the heck happened! Let me tell you though, the more time I spent with Skin Fusion, the more I felt true amour! In my humble opinion each of these products, if used on their own, is magnificent but when used as a set the results are truly amazing!

Let's start with the first step of the trio; Skin Fusion Micro-Technology Bio Active Mineral Power Brightening Lotion. Man, that is a mouth full! I've already gushed about the packaging so I won't keep singing the same tune, but it's still Tony the Tiger GGGRReat! This product is unlike any other facial moisturizer I have ever used in that GOLD is listed as an ingredient among "60 additional sourced essential minerals and anti-oxidants to activate and boost absorption of nutrients, fight free radicals, and rev cell metabolism"! Other claims; "Breakthrough Litchiderm Extract deeply hydrates and reverses and protects against sun damage and protein loss.", "Stimulating peptide rebuilds skin from within to resurface and heal dull, congested, and damaged skin.", "Invisiskin technology bio adheres for targeted, time-released delivery that calms irritation and inflammation.". 

All that's just Urkel talk for; it is super light weight and blends in smoothly. ;p After placing a small amount (the picture above is from one pump and is all you need) on the back of my hand and rubbing it in, my skin texture takes on a cashmere soft focus look and feel. The formula seems to spackle over the lines of my hands and makes the surface much softer when compared to the non treated areas. When applied to the face, it's even better. The results are much more visible and oh so flattering. Its not sticky at all and the fragrance is a faint citrus-y floral. I bought my sister a set because I loved it that much and this lotion is her favorite part. She said her skin has never felt and looked so soft before using this product. Would I purchase this product again? In a heart beat! 

Next in the trio is the Skin Fusion Micro Technology Bio Active Mineral Intuitive Soft Focus Fluid Foundation. Gah! The names just get longer! This foundation is similar to those smart foundations that dispenses as a white cream and magically albeit smartly chameleonizes itself to your skin tone. Skin Fusion's formula is more of a grayish purple with speckles. I was a bit leery to be honest with the color of the liquid, but once I blended it onto my skin I was choked up with emotion. I exaggerate, but honestly I have tried many many products whose number one claim is to minimize pores and yet the one product whose talent is not listed as pore minimizer has nonchalantly left that neat little trick out of its repertoire. In all seriousness, if big pores is your problem, here is your solution. I couldn't believe it could make my pores appear smaller, yet my face didn't seem heavy or masked. Would I purchase this product again? I already did!

Last of the three amigos is the Skin Fusion Micro Technology Bio Active Brightening Minerals. Now, if the first two weren't great as it is, this last product is just the icing on the cake.  The finishing powder is very soft, almost creamy in texture and blends like a dream with the MAC 185 Kabuki. Would I purchase this product again? YES YES YES!

With all three products on, my skin doesn't feel heavy or as if it were suffocating at all. Plus, with knowing that all the beneficial ingredients are doing their job I don't mind taking the extra steps. The products last hours and hours without the need for touching up. Now, that is an incredible feat in of itself because my T Zone is like the Good Old Faithful, spouting every 15 minutes or so. These products seem to keep it under tight control all day. I LOVE IT! However, now that Winter is around the corner I think I am finding that this set will become my Summer routine since my skin is naturally more oily than the average normal human being the light weight coverage is perfect for that weather. For Winter, I am liking the PerriconeMD and bareMinerals combination as my non T Zone area skin needs that extra "drink". 

I guess my only con is the friggin' long names! Even acronymed, its still pretty long...SFMTBAMPBL, SFMTBAMSFFF, and SFMTBABM. Blah! At any rate, if you are like me extra oily in the Summer and drier in the Winter, with super sized pores to boot then this set is perfect for you! On my last visit to Nordstrom Rack they had restocked their shelves with them and added the Translucent (sheer) and Radiance (pinkish) mineral powders as well. The NR price is definitely right if you want to try it out. Otherwise, when gone from NR, the retail value will dissuade you from even thinking about it! I know it did me for the LONGEST time. I am truly thankful for this opportunity to purchase and stock up on Skin Fusion products! Go get your own!

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