Friday, November 7, 2008

Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale!

It's going on now! Cosmetics is not included, but gorgeous Fall Boots are! I am behind on birthday presents this year and took one of my sisters shopping for her birthday gift. How late am I? Her birthday was October 14th! Bad sister, I know. This year on the top of her wish list was Uggs so we decided to hit up the Nordy's sale. Our cousin gave us a great tip to shop for Uggs in Children's shoes. First we scoped out the Women's Uggs and nearly fainted at the $159 price tag. Then we strolled over to Children's and found them there for only $89! That's only $10 more than Emus! The salesman told us that the only difference is the heel in the Women's is about half an inch higher. Um. Hello? Hi, Mr. Uggs? Are you saying that we are paying $70 for half an inch??!? Turns out 3 in Children's is a 6 in Women's. Luckily Children's Uggs go up to 5 or Women's 8 so I got my sister the caramel Uggs. Then I decided it was time to update my Bearpaw's (aka Fuggs) to real Uggs and got me a chocolate colored pair. The Children's Uggs are more fitted too, so I no longer have big floppy clown feet! Yay for small feet! I can't wait for it to get a bit chillier so that I can justify wearing them all day everyday! Locate your Nordstrom and go check out the sale!

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