Saturday, October 11, 2008

Skin Fusion MMU - First Impressions!

Ok, can I just tell you that Skin Fusion Mineral Makeup is totally INSTANT GRATIFICATION! Just where the heck have you been all my life!? Oh wait, I know where, completely out of my reach is where! At retail, I couldn't stomach dropping $49.00 for mineral makeup when I was already paying half of that for bareMinerals, which I LOVE like stalker, fatal attraction love! It just didn't make any sense. Then I read the ingredients and nonchalantly listed as the very last item is gold. GOLD. No frilly unpronounceable without looking a complete tard scientific name. Straight up "karats" g-o-l-d! So when I saw the price tag of $9.97, I thought; "Hey, if I don't like it, it's no biggie." Nordstrom Rack also takes back beauty products within 30 days with receipt, no questions asked. So I found myself self-talked into purchasing another MMU brand. Which I never ever though I'd do just so I could say that I have a "gold plated" face. HA! 

Can I just provide you with a quick [and nerdy] example of how much I have saved on this deal I found at Nordstrom Rack?

skin fusion micro-technology bio active brightening minerals
$9.97 vs. $49.00 Retail
skinfusion micro-technology bio active mineral intuitive soft focus fluid foundation
$12.97 vs. $56.00 Retail 
skinfusion micro-technology bio active mineral power brightening lotion
$14.97 vs. $70.00 Retail

That's $37.91 total vs. $175.00 (pre-tax)! That is an un-freakin-believable savings of $137.09. Holy $%#@!! Are you effin kidding me?! Put in that perspective, you can believe I ran out and got myself a second set. Are you still not convinced? Okay then...on to the review.

Let's start with the packaging. With Skin Fusion's foundation and lotion bottles, I love it. It's ingenious. It's a pump with a little extra locking mechanism. You have to twist for the pump head to reveal itself. I love this because no more accidental spillage when traveling or if my little one happens to get into my stash. 

However, the minerals package is a hit and miss. I love that the sifter is only about a quarter in size when compared to other mineral sifters, but it still dispenses enough powder. The cool part again, is the "locking mechanism". There's a plastic tab with enough stubbies to "cork" all the holes in the sifter. The only thing I would like more is if the tab was attached. It's a loose tab, which means I will lose it soon! ;p The part that I don't like about the powder packaging is the size. It's a lot bigger than other brands and it's a big ol' globey ball. I guess what makes up for it is the lid serves as a great tray for brush dipping. It's the perfect size for my MAC 185, which is also a tad bigger than most kabuki brushes. All the bristles couldn't fit in my bM lids. The lid is made of a faux metal plastic, so no more caked on mineral residue. So much easier to clean and disinfect as there's no paper lining. 

To be continued...

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