Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smashbox Try Me [Buy Me]!

$29.00 retail

Brow Tech & Cream Eyeliner Palette
I got this wonderful compact as a gift and so far I looooove it. Especially on my beauty on the run days. I can just pack this lovely lil palette and I have my brow and eyeliner options all in one slim credit card sized compact! I am a eyeliner pencil girl through and through, but I have dabbled in liquid, gel, and cream mediums as well. I found that I am horrible at liquid, so so with gel, but an expert when using cream liners. The control factor is much better for me with cream. Dunno, just is.  Smashbox's cream liners are very smooth and doesn't dry too fast so it won't tug or catch when applied in multiple layers or if you're just having a slow morning. The Brow Tech options are great. With the three colors provided, you can custom brew your own shade of brows for a natural look or dramatic or whatever else mood may strike you. The products apply well and doesn't cake. That's a plus for me! Brows are a BIG DEAL to me. The more natural looking the better and this product delivers just that.

Honorable mention:

Photo Finish Foundation Primer
I did receive a sample of this product in my fantastic beauty find at Costco. I have sampled it a few times and found that it delivers much as it promises. You would think that with the gel-y looking consistency, that it would feel sticky and tacky but much to the contrary the product dries completely almost immediately upon contact. Almost to the point where I want to product OD because I feel like I didn't get enough on! But the texture of my skin changes instantly to a much smoother canvas. How does it hold my foundation? Here is my testimony...I use bareMinerals foundation and by the end of the day as I am using a cosmetics wipe to remove my warpaint, I see no remains of the foundation on the wipe. My conclusion is either a. it wore off, b. it bore deep into my pore and will inevitably become next weeks monster zit(s) or c. my make up wipes (Target brand) suck arse. With the Photo Finish, upon wiping my face, voila! I see a nice fleshy wash and yay! I feel all warm and fuzzy with Target brand products again! Not to mention, I found a product that keeps a promise! When I get the chance, I will compare this product to the N.V. Perricone, MD Ceramic Skin Smoother Finishing Serum I recently purchased.   

Honorable Mention:

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