Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Scotch Tape
$1.oo @ DollarTree

Scotch Tape? Wha? What the heck does this have to do with Beauty? Well, it's my lil beauty secret that I stumbled upon by accident. You know how sometimes you get that pesky dry skin around your nose and no amount of exfoliating and/or moisturizing will rid you of it? Well, here's whatcha do. Get yourself a roll of Scotch Tape, plant yourself in front of a mirror, pull off about an inch of tape, "apply to the affected area", and slowly pull off. Now look at the tape. Just look at it. You see all that dead skin matter that is no longer clinging to your face like annoying skin lint? Now look at your nose.  Nice huh? Now, I know that in some dermatological future that this is bad bad bad for my skin, but I can't stop it.  It's a quick fix and its worked for me. And how's this any different from those Biore nose strips anywho? A word of caution, this is addictive. You'll be surprised of how much you'd plow through a roll and how much time has elapsed once your butt has gone numb from sitting on the bathroom counter. What, you don't sit on your sink? Well, here are my other disclaimers that's really just common sense but some things have just got to be said:
  1. Don't do this to broken, scabby or bleeding skin.
  2. Don't do this to just healing sunburnt skin.
  3. Don't do this at all if you have no common sense.
  4. Do cleanse and moisturize your skin afterward.
Just exercise caution and try it once. You'd be surprised of what comes off on a one inch strip of tape. Oh, and how I came across this "technique" is at the Clinique counter when they were using scotch tape to determine the type of skin care one needed. Boy, when they pulled off that strip of tape we all did the Holy Trinity and I purchased the 3-Step Kit II in bulk!

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