Thursday, August 28, 2008

Classic shu eumura!

$19.00 retail
Also found at Sephora

Is it all it's cracked up to be? Yes! And then some. See, those born with lash excess know nothing of the pain and agony that we lash deficient people suffer. The inferiority. The shame. The envy. But shu knows. Shu cares. So shu has become quite the lash engineer and has provided us with tools and faux lashes to give us that extra boost. Like this curler. I love this curler. So much that I bought all my sisters one! It doesn't require much pressure to give lashes that perfect natural lift and curl. Not willing to drop a dub on a curler? The Revlon Eyelash Curler is also a great classic with a more reasonable price tag at $3.99 retail. This was my first and only curler since I started with make up. I only traded up once I met shu eumura's curler but I keep it around in my back up make up stashes. That's as low as I go! I gave e.l.f's Mechanical Eyelash Curler a shot and oy vay! I felt like I had to use unnecessary roughness and all I got was this awkward kink. Think eye awning. I lost a couple of what few lashes I had in that ugly battle and as if my lashes were made of steel, I think the curler popped a spring after a few uses. Not good given its intended use is near my friggin eye balls. Maybe I got a bad one? Who knows, it was $1.00. However, shu uemura's curler combined with your favorite mascara will surely give you those Jessica Rabbit vavoom lashes you've been vying for. It's a beauty investment I can vouch for!

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