Saturday, March 19, 2011


i realize there is a downfall with shopping at the ccs. and that is falling in love with discontinued items. probably more than a year ago now, i ran into the mac brow finisher products at my local ccs. before this product, i was using a clear wax product separately from the color powder i used for my brows. it was a two step process and at times was too much when i was in a hurry. so when i saw this product in wheat i found it to be the perfect shade of taupe for me. always looking for ways to improve my brows, i thought i'd give it a try. of course, i fell in love with it. it was an easy, one-step process and the results looked so natural. it became my hg brow product.

a couple weeks ago, i opened the cap to use it and there was nothing there. my heart literally stopped. i twisted and twisted until i came to the very end and it just clicked and clicked. then saw that it had jagged edges. i squinted my eye into the cap, shook it, then pounded in on my palm and out fell this little nub of product. i was at first giddy with relief and then sad when i realized i had probably only a little more than a month's worth of use left and then i'd be S.O.L and browless. panicked, i hopped onto and whimpered a bit when the product only showed up in "clear". cruised over to ebay and saw that only two sellers had it, but in blonde. big strike out everywhere else. NO ONE had it. defeated, i went back to and checked out what else they had to offer brow wise.

i already had experience with their self-propelling, self-sharpening eye brow pencil but i don't really care for it (not a natural enough application). i am not a big fan of any liquid application for eyebrows, so i passed the penultimate brow marker without even reading past "a liquid...". then there is the impeccable brow pencil. i am kind of "eh" about a creamy application, but i read further as it was my last option for brows by mac. two things caught my attention right away, that the color option was already pre-selected at "taupe" (i am a sucker for anything taupe) and that the description indicated that the creamy pencil "provides a natural matte finish". hmm, i thought. but i couldn't quite commit yet. so i opened a new tab in my browser and logged onto

from there i filtered products down to eyebrows and began yet another research effort. the first product that caught my eye was this...

With the word "powder" thrown in the description, it definitely piqued my interest. i read some of the 69 reviews that gave it a 4.5 out of 5 star rating but i could not stomach the price tag. no way.
defeated once more, i went back to i reread the impeccable brow pencil and looked at the color swatch a zillion times before i realized that i was being too overly dramatic about this. i clicked "add to bag" and "check out" in record time.

to be continued...

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