Sunday, March 27, 2011

lack of sleep can be a good thing

my sleep cycle is completely off right now for two little precious one isn't sleeping through the night yet and she is fighting her first cold. so i took a huge long nap this afternoon and am consequently wide awake. what else can one do at this ungodly hour? online shop, of course, then blog about it.

i am rediscovering le target lately and have been popping in and out whenever mood strikes. my recent pop-in was due to yahoo luring me to read this article. basically the article reports that target is finally whoopin' uncle wally's butt in the price department. finally.

so anyway, wide awake, i log onto and start snooping around. i remember a recent commercial about target's five year anniversary collaborating with celebrated designers, so i was click happy in that department for the better portion of an hour until this nagging little box kept catching my eye.

"guests who viewed this item ultimately bought..."

it nagged relentlessly. i kept ignoring it until i saw this...

say whaaa? now, i am a huge, huge fan of dolce vita. huge. so this definitely caught my attention! (1 - target online marketers, 0 - me)

$17.48 vs. $34.99 Retail

i am not the regular i once claimed to be at target, so i admit, i didn't even know that there was an ongoing dolce vita/target affair until today. and to think these have been around since last summer! to be quite honest, i would have probably paid the full retail price for these lovelies back then. i have been wanting to get a pair of feminized combat boots all fall/winter but just couldn't find the perfect look for the perfect price...until tonight!

after i secured those boots in my shopping bag, i quickly typed 'dolce vita' in the search box and beheld what else popped onto my screen. not only was i tickled pink that more shoes were available for my choosing, but i was more than elated to find that some of them were also ON CLEARANCE! ::cue heavenly music::

In addition to the boots, these two sly buggers found their way into my shopping bag...

$10.48 vs. $29.99 Retail

$10.48 vs. $29.99 Retail

on top of these major dealies, i spent enough to qualify for the free ship. even better, if i do say so myself. nothing like some satisfying online shopping to kick start the melatonin. but, i did shop the dolce vita spring collection first! so jump on asap before they're gone and the links just become invalid portals to target's nowhere land.

i found this photo of the entire fall 2010 collection here:

p.s. i would kill for the pewter flats too! oh, and the zippered boot is just the inside view of the lace up boot, not a different boot.

i found this photo of the entire spring 2011 collection here:

p.s.s. i love the cognac leather espadrilles! which also comes in a to-die-for nude color. ah, ok goodnigh-er-morning!

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