Friday, March 18, 2011

abandonment issues.


"shu, shame on you for making me love you. and then you abandoned me. going as far as leaving the country! i did mourn the loss of our relationship, but i am so over you now. another curler, who treats me much better, is in my life now. i don't want you back!" - my lashes' letter to shu.

but in all seriousness, many moons ago i noticed that my shu eyelash curler wasn't very motivated to do its job anymore. the counter lady's warning that i must replace the curler within 6 months in order to get the best results rang clearly in my ears. so i trekked to sephora to purchase a new curler. in the store, i was searching, searching. finally i gave up and asked a worker where they were located. she replied, with a straight face, "japan.". i thought to myself, "ew, is she being a biatch?" i tried to fake a laugh like i was in on her little snide joke, but she didn't crack her rosy painted lips. "excuse me?" i finally replied. then she gave me the awful news. shu has severed ties with the US. read the Obit . i was very devastated. i could kick myself for not buying the whole display when i saw the shu curlers for $10.00/ea. at the ccs.

anyway, fast-forward to the present day, i have fallen into a lash funk. i don't even bother curling my lashes anymore. the shu curler i am holding on to is useless, but i continue to use it everyday. hoping in vain that if i squeeze and squeeze, i can pump life back into it. alas, it is a shell of what it once was. i was desperate and even dug out my OG revlon curler, but it was so clunky and awkward as i got used to the shape of the shu curler. at my wits end, i decided to research. i thought, hey, we still have shiseido right? another japanese line of cosmetics has to have some similarity i convinced myself. after all the reviews and realizing the pricing isn't much different, i made up my mind to run out and purchase the shiseido curler.

Shu who??? All this time I wasted pining over a curler that isn't even as great as this one! i absolutely love the design of this curler as it is flatter and accomodates smaller eyes such as mine perfectly. and AND it comes with a replacement pad! so giving, you are shiseido. unlike that no good, abandoner! psh!

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