Saturday, March 13, 2010

i had a fit at marshall's

I was bored at home by myself, sick, and decided to get some good energy flowing through my body again after laying in bed for hours in a Nyquil induced coma. My mission started with getting myself some yummy soup from Von's/Pavilion's deli. Their tomato bisque is to die for, and this is coming from a person who gags eating tomatoes. I know, weird, but it's something I never grew out of. Don't judge me!

So, my mission progressed to stopping by some of my favorite deal hot spots for some window shopping. I laugh at the blatant lie too, so it's okay, laugh all you want! ;p I have been looking for some Spring/Summer wedges so I have been spending a lot of time around shoes. At Marshall's I ran into two pairs of L.A.M.B lovelies. The first isn't too much my style, but in case some of you fancy them...

$129.99 vs $240.00 Retail

Now this is where the crying comes in. I saw this last pair of precious shoes in their clearance section, but there was only one left and it is a size 6. ::sob::

$149.99 vs $299.99 Retail

I totally blanked on the final price, but I know it was one I was willing to dish out for, had there been a pair in my size. Maybe my mind is doing this on purpose. EDIT 03/15/10: I saw more of these at the Marshall's Metro Pointe. They still didn't have my size but they had more than one pair.

p.s. I am working on getting a dress form so that I can hopefully start photographing outfit ideas, especially with items I can't be lazy about and search within the internet's public domain to show you all. I have lots of pieces and have been trying to photograph them myself but it's just not working out for me right now. I am not a naturally gifted photographer so the images have been unflattering and just so blah. We'll see what happens! ::crosses fingers and grins like an uber-nerd::

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