Friday, March 5, 2010

deja vous

Am I alone in this? Is there anyone else out there who's eyes zoom right on to the red stickers?

Going through Target tonight, I was being extra good and didn't even let the thought of going near the clothing section enter my mind. But as we were heading toward the cashiers husband casually asks, "Hey, don't you want to check out the clothes?" Totally out of character BTW, but um, yeah! That was the drop that broke the dam. So he led the way and I kept my hands in my pockets and tried so hard to be good. But then I saw the racks with their vibrant red clearance signs and my feet went right on over of their own accord.

This is where I ran into the last remaining Rodarte items...

I believe these items retailed for about $39.99 each and I got them for $9.98 each! I like how the peachy mock wrap dress fits. It has a very vintage feel to it and uber feminine. I can definitely wear this to a Summer wedding. I am not sure why I picked up the blue dress. Maybe because we had just watched Alice in Wonderland (great movie!) right before heading into Target? I don't know, but it was so cute to me. Even my little one was smitten with it and I let her wear it around for a bit. The only downside to this awesome find is that both dresses were not in my size (sizes 7 & 9). Oh well, can't be choosers when waiting for things to get marked down!

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