Monday, March 1, 2010

craving spring

I was giving my brain a break from schoolwork and decided to roam around different online shops I haven't been to in a while (just so you all can't say I am biased with Forever 21! ;p)

Good and bad news, I found some cute stuff for Spring/Summer on

Haven't liked midriffs in awhile, but when I saw this modern twist on a midriff I couldn't deny being suckered. - $16.99

Hm, not really Spring, but I liked the DIY feel of the slashed collar of this shirt. - $18.99

I LOVE the ginormous slouchy pocket on this racerback tank! And it's in my favorite Summer color. Coral just looks so lovely on sun kissed skin! - $10.00

I like the edgy, anti-femme silhouette of this skirt. Goes so well with any top. - $22.99

Don't worry, I haven't checked out...yet.

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