Friday, March 5, 2010


So I mentioned in a few posts back that I am working on the accessories part of my wardrobe since it's been lacking for quite some time. I started out small with some thrifted items and got some accessories thrown in with some other shopping and then BAM! I got sucked in.

I love white shirts in the Summer and I would've worn a belt with it just like it is pictured, so the included belt was just icing. And it all started with this one white dress shirt. Here's how the inner dialogue kinda went:

"Hm, I have white shirts, but I am really liking the ruffle detailing on this top. What's another white shirt? It's a basic. I'm getting it." :clicks ADD TO YOUR BAG:
"Oooh, but I just love wearing silver jewelry with whites in the Summer and look at all these cute leaves! I love this dangly one!" :clicks ADD TO YOUR BAG:
"Wow, and this filigree one looks awesome too!" :clicks ADD TO YOUR BAG:
"Oh, but I also love wearing turquoise with white in the Summer too!" :clicks ADD TO YOUR BAG:
"And they have it in black too? OMG, too cute!" :clicks ADD TO YOUR BAG:

The rest goes along in the same pattern until I realized I had an entire shopping cart of just accessories for Spring. Such a sucker.

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