Monday, February 15, 2010


Don't know how or why I do this to myself but I plant a little seed of curiosity and it bugs me until I scratch the itch. What am I talking about? Well, all that blabbering about Target the other day got me curious to see if maybe I missed something interesting within the Rodarte line. So I was visiting family in an obscure town in CA where I don't think the demographics there is much into fashion. I won't say where I was for the slim chance I may offend some closet fashion fiend out there.

Logic had me thinking that I may be able to find some pieces left in the collection. So before we made it to the family's house I had the hubs make a slight detour to the Super Target. Why is it super? Because there is a super market inside of it now. Clever. We get there and as suspected there were some straggler pieces hanging in the clearance section. I was surprised to see that some were in my size, which does not happen often. Of course that lacy dress wasn't there and...

Neither was this lace overlay dress, but had it been I would've shrieked like a banshee and ran for the cashier humming the SATC theme song.

This tulle turtleneck type blouse and tulle slip skirt was there. I got it on clearance for $7.48. Not bad. I am getting more and more into the navy on black. I couldn't find a picture of it but I also got a simple black lace/silk cami for $9something. There were also these items in mustard and fuschia. Both colors completely unflattering on me so I let them be.

This sequin leopard print dress was there and adorable but it was missing a few sequins at the neckline, so I passed it up.

This leopard print lacy dress was there and I am so sorry fashion gods, but I thought it was utterly hideous in person. The lace was crunchy to the touch and itchy and the color looked drab. There were also three bows on the back that didn't do a thing for it.

Now that I am back home and thinking more and more about Jean Paul Gaultier, I am getting all giddy and antsy. I will be out of town that weekend and probably road tripping it home that Sunday, but I will find a way!

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