Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nordstrom Rack Finds!

I know I have been laggin' on the stake out report ladies but amid my Twilight slash Edward Cullen slash Robert Pattinson binge, I have left little room for anything else. Le sigh. But, it seems that I am not missing much as I find that two of my usual stakeout spots have been sucked bone dry of quality cosmetics lately. I have visited a few Marshall's and TJ Maxx's lately while Xmas shopping and it seems that all they have are the stragglers of some old stuff and Lancome, but mostly they seem to be back to offering their norm of spa, skin, and hair care products. Say it ain't so! Maybe it's just a minor dry spell, who knows, maybe they were only offered a one off contract for a load of cosmetics. Cross your fingers!

I did make it by Nordstrom Rack and they have a few straggler items from Smashbox, DuWop, and Too Faced. They did replenish their stock of the previously reported Too Faced - Fantastic Plastic and Hopeless Romantic palette. I also spied the Stila Blanc and Noire palettes in addition to the...wait for it...

$15.97 vs. $40.00 Retail

I was soooooo excited when I saw this palette, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for it! Patience does pay off! I almost buckled a few times on beautycrunch.com but I just knew I would see it at Nordstrom Rack someday! I also picked up a couple of...

$6.97 vs. $8.00 Sale vs. $17.00 Retail

They only had three shades in Amande, Citron, and Pecan. I picked the last two shades as they were natural neutral shades. Amande was a burnt sienna color that I just knew would come off way too orange for my liking.  Lastly, they had tons of Lip Glazes for $8.97 vs. $22.00 Retail. Some shades I saw were Fig and Pom Pom.

P.S. I did spy all FOUR books of the Twilight Saga at TJ Maxx. So if you know of someone who hasn't been bitten by the story or want your own collector's set, here's your chance!

P.S.S. I do apologize for my vampire laced report. Not really. ;0)

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Hello there : )
Shopping on the web or in-store? which usually do you realy prefer? just wondering lol.. i favor in-store because i hate waiting for it to arrive!