Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nordstrom Rack Finds!

Let me start this post by giving you an AWESOME news flash. I am so excited!! You ready?! A drum roll is deserving for this...Nordstrom Rack has implemented a TESTER SYSTEM!!! AGHHH!!! I was so stoked when I saw it, at first I thought; "Great, another jackass opened products, messed with it and just left it there, messy and unpackaged. As I got closer though, I noticed a funny looking sticker. It read TESTER! I couldn't believe my eyes. I actually grinned like an idiot and said "Yesss!!!" like Stephanie Tanner, no arm motion though, I was a bit restrained. ;p This is a start of a new era ladies, you don't even know!

Anyway...The real reason for this post. There is absolutely nothing to report cosmetics wise at NR. It's actually pretty sparse there but there is an abundance of Ahava, Skin Fusion, and a restocked inventory of PerriconeMD. So, since I was in the market for a new face wash, I took a look at what was available...

$14.97 vs. $35.00 Retail

I was trying to decide between this cleanser and the Olive Oil cleanser, but I saw the benefit of reduction of pore size and that's what sold me. That and I questioned whether it would be a great idea to add more oil to my face. This product is recommended for dry and normal skin, which for now is good because as I have said, the Winter season makes my skin especially dry. So I tried it for the first time this morning and so far I really like it alot. I hate that my skin is so oily and this product removes all of it and leaves my skin feeling soft and super clean without being tight and itchy. It even smells clean. Not too perfumey or mediciney at all. This is just a First Impression, so I will update if things change, such as my skin becoming irritated or broken out. I am hoping not because I am already itching on stocking up at this great price. Which, by the way, is not much more expensive than some drugstore brands I've used such as Cetaphil. So if your skin is like mine, an oil slick T Zone, and you like to feel clean skin try this stuff!

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