Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When is Mascara Worth $22?

When it works!

$22.00 Retail

(Click picture for a clearer view of the fibers)

This product delivers as promises! I am on my second tube and let me tell you, the technology is amazing and is exactly what us lash anorexic girls have been praying for! They don't call it "paint on false lashes" for nothing. That's really what you're doing. Coat after coat, you can build and lengthen your lashes to your heart's content. For length, I just apply using the very tip of the wand and lightly stroke the tips of my lashes. You can actually see the fibers grabbing on and becoming one with the lash. It's crazy! This mascara hardly clumps on me despite the multiple layers I apply.  The mascara wand is not much different than your average wand, maybe just a tad chubbier so the results of the product is all in the formula.

I highly recommend using this product with Shu Uemura curler for highest impact. My one suggestion for this product is to open the tube, let the formula become oxygenated, then let it sit unused for a few weeks. I find that brand new, the formula is much too wet and does nothing but mutate what few lashes I do have into four extra saturated lashes. So not the look I go for. When I first tried it, I was ho hum about it and just set it aside. Mind you, I didn't feel it worked, but couldn't deal with trashing a brand new $22 tube of mascara (as if letting it rot first, then trashing it is better!). Then one day, I was out of mascara and reached for it just to tide me over until I could get another tube of my old time favorite the OG L'Oreal's Voluminous and lo and behold it was like a totally different mascara. It seems the older the tube, the better the formula works. Like fine wine, its better aged!

Here's before:

Here's after:

What a difference, huh? Also, using a primer doesn't make much of a difference. Can you tell which side has been primed?  Another great element to this product is that although it boasts staying power through sweat, tears, and rain it comes off easily when you want it to. Just apply warm water and gently rub your lashes between your finger tips. The product comes off like creepy spider legs. No raccoon eyes, no gray water streaks. Easy on, easy off! 

You can find Fiberwig at Sephora or Planet Beauty. Yes, $22.00 is pretty steep but I save this mascara for special occasions and since an aged tube is better for me, I don't really mind letting it sit there for a while without use. So if your lashes are like mine, skinny and mini, I do recommend splurging and trying it out just once or check it out at Sephora before you buy. You won't regret it! Just remember what I said about a brand new tube!

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yummy411 said...

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wow! great review! i agree that some formulas are better with age... loreal voluminous is my HG for volume and color (i'm starting to figure out that i care a lot about lift, which LV weighs down my lashes.) so this was true for the maybelline colossal.. good stuff! i'll have to try this too.. I WANT VOLUME!