Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maxx'd Out!

$9.99 vs. $40.00 Retail 

Man, did I score at TJMaxx! This time I went to the one in Fountain Valley and they had TONS of Lancome products; including the above featured quads, Diamond Soiree quads, 2007 Holiday red palettes, single eyeshadows, lippies, eyeliner duos and so much more! I grabbed one of each of the quads that they had. No 4Passion, boooo or 4Tranquility, but that's ok. Blues aren't for me. I also picked up one of each of the 2 duos they had, Sparkling Plum and Sparkling Black. 6 pallettes total, but don't worry! They are gifts! I went with two of my sisters (I have 4) and we made such a ruckus in the beauty section that other women started flocking over to check out what all the oohs and aahs were all about. When they saw the treasures, they started oohing too. The excitement around beauty products is contagious, I tell ya! 

I also found the full size big bottle of...

L L.A.M.B Fragrance By Gwen Stefani 
$29.99 vs. $70.00 Retail
I couldn't believe it! I swiped it fast so fast, Mr. Miyagi would've been so proud! I love this scent. I am not even out yet, but for this price, I couldn't just walk away!

I also picked up a new desk organizer for $9.99 that I am converting into a brush holder. Now I need to make my way over to Michael's to pick up some vase fillers so that the brushes stand upright.

Oh, and one last thing was a cute jewelry holder. They had tons of different styles and colored gowns for only $9.99 each! I seriously did some damage though with some other non-beauty related haulage but we won't get into that! Go to TJ Maxx!

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