Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MAC/CCS Update and Haul [Unintentional]!

So I did my civic duty and voted Tuesday. In doing so I was promised free goodies; a doughnut from Krispy Kreme, a tall coffee from Starbucks, and a free one scoop cone from Ben and Jerry's. Lucky for me, ALL of these establishments were at the Block in Orange. UNLUCKY for me, was there was a humongo line that wrapped the entire store! So no ice cream, but an accidental haul from CCS. 

Royal Flush Pigment (Frosty Mid-Tone Red - Last one, bottom row)
$13.75 vs. $19.50 Retail

When I was there last, there were tons of items from the Colour Form collection, including some piggies. I didn't pick up any that were there; Pastorele, Bell Bottom Blue, Jardin Aires, Gold Stroke, and Royal Flush. I don't know why, but I restrained myself and limited my purchase to the items I did get. Well, I was bursting with haulitis Tuesday and decided to go back and get Jardin Aires and Royal flush, in my opinion, these are the only two flavors that would work on me plus I already hauled Gold Stroke a few months back. When I arrived, I was bummed to find that Jardin Aires was already sold out so I just picked up the lone Royal Flush. Then I decided to take a gander at the brushes. They still had the 222 and the 188, but I had my eyes set on...

259 Larger Shader Brush
$19.00 vs. $27.00 Retail

I wanted to try this brush with my Paint Pots because it is much softer and the fibers are so smooth compared to the brush I was using, 242. Hopefully, this brush will provide a more even application. I almost grabbed some lashes too. They were going for $7.25-$8.50, but decided against it...for now. ;p

So as I was getting rung up, in comes my husband and baby. Just as the clerk confirms my total, my hubs (being the jokester that he THINKS he is) pipes up and asks; "How much? For what?!" Then proceeds to tell the poor clerk who knows nothing of his "humor" that they should post a photo of my mug and a sign warning not to sell to me. Isn't he a riot?

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