Thursday, November 6, 2008

Madonna, Justin, Britney, oh my!

I went to the Madonna concert on Wednesday at Dodgers' Stadium in LA and it was beyond fantasmic! I heart Madonna almost as much as my Gweny Gwen Gwen as I grew up listening to her in the 80s. Even after so many years of not hearing her songs, as soon as I hear one the lyrics just fly out of my mouth like I just sat up all night memorizing them! She was looking something fierce for almost being 50! Her body was so fit, she made me regret the Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake I had after lunch at the Corner Bakery...for a minute! I was planning on skipping the opener and just coming for the main show but rumors began to swirl that JT and Brit Brit were making an appearance! I am sooooo glad that we decided to leave on time! There was MAD traffic and we were stuck on a normally 15 minute stretch of the 110 freeway for about an hour and a half! I kept checking in with my friends who were already there only to be surprised with the news that the show hadn't even started. When we got there 2 hours later we only had to wait 10 minutes before the show started. I guess there was some techi drama and the show was postponed three hours. All this is probably old news by now but I started this post the day after the show and am just wrapping it up now so bear with me! I hadn't been to a concert since Gwen Stefani's 2006 Harajuku Lovers Tour (I think) so it was exciting. I saw some minor celebs like Ryan Seacrest and Tila Tequila... 

Although Madonna's new tunes are good, I still love me my 80s Madonna! Britney did a cameo and was looking like her old self but her "performance" (if you could call it that) was a bit disappointing. I thought for sure she'd rip off that unflattering outfit and wow us with a chiseled body and disgustingly awesome dance moves but nope. She just kinda wiggled like that shy, uptight girlfriend you drag to the club once in a while. Justin, however, was O M G. If I ever saw that smile in person! *SWOON* Now, HE, performed like he was performing with effin' MADONNA. Hey, Brit? Yeah, that other blonde lady? That was M-A-D-O-N-N-A! All and all, I had a blast and BIG THANKS to my sister Hanh for taking me. She could have taken anyone and she chose me! Awww, I feel loved! Check out youtube for snippets of the performances. My seats were field level, stage right but my camera sucked arse and couldn't zoom and or focus worth beans.  I got bit by the concert bug though and am scoping out the next one! Gwen, are you ready yet!?

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Look at your watch now

You're still a super hot female
You got your million-dollar contract
And they're all waiting for your hot track
What you waiting for?

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